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Speaking of electric toothbrush

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-07      Origin: Site

Speaking of electric toothbrush, I would like to explain to you a concern that many parents and friends have in mind: will the vibration of electric toothbrush cause children's teeth to fall out in advance, or even their own teeth to fall out?  The answer is obvious and definitely not. As we mentioned above, the children's electric toothbrush has been designed with parents' concerns in mind at the beginning, so its working frequency is not as high as that of the adult electric toothbrush, in order to better protect children's teeth.  At the same time, it should be noted that scientific research shows that children normally start to formally replace their teeth between the ages of 5 and 7, but some children will have loose teeth around the age of 4. This is a normal phenomenon, not caused by the use of children's electric toothbrush.The most important difference between children's electric toothbrush and adult electric toothbrush lies in the different power of electric toothbrush. For example, the vibration frequency of sonic type children's electric toothbrush is about 18000 times per minute, and the frequency of sonic type adult electric toothbrush is about 30000 times per minute.  The rotary electric toothbrush for children rotates at a rate of about 6,000 times per minute, while the rotary electric toothbrush for adults operates at a rate of about 8,000 times per minute.  By the above two examples we can see children's electric toothbrush, no matter what type of its working frequency is not equal to adult electric toothbrush, and it is easy to understand, children's teeth difference is that children use the brush head of universal electric toothbrush than adults use electric toothbrush head is small, because the child is still in the growth development period, they were all mouth and no teeth into people's congress (NPC),  Only small brush head can just meet the requirements of children to clean teeth and oral cavity, sit to the full range, no dead corner cleaning.  Children electric toothbrush head using a brush and adult electric tooth brush head also use brush, although both are nylon, but children's electric toothbrush bristles than adult electric toothbrush brush is much fine, soft, because this is to ensure children in the use of children's electric toothbrush when brushing your teeth don't hurt the teeth or gum in the mouth, such as weak place.  Breeding is not complete, the impact force that can bear is certainly not equal to adult, so the frequency is a little bit lower also is taken for granted.  

Like adult electric toothbrush, common electric toothbrush for children on the market are also divided into sonic wave type and mechanical rotary type. Acoustic wave type electric toothbrush for children are mostly high-grade products, the price is higher than mechanical rotary electric toothbrush. The cleaning method of sonic electric toothbrush for children is to scour the children's oral cavity with water through the rapid vibration of the brush head, and remove the stolen goods such as tartar and bacteria by the impact force of scour. This kind of work is more gentle, can protect children's tender mouth well. Mechanical rotary electric toothbrushes are mostly middle and low grade products. Its working mode is to make the head of the electric toothbrush rotate rapidly in the mouth through the rapid rotation of the electric movement in the tooth brush head, and the toothpaste on the toothbrush quickly decompose into foam, which flows into the gap between the teeth, so as to clean the mouth without dead Angle. However, mechanical rotary electric toothbrush head will produce great noise and buzzing at work because of high frequency rotation, which is easy to make children afraid and unwilling to brush their teeth. At the same time, mechanical rotary electric toothbrush for children is more likely to cause harm to children's oral cavity than sonic electric toothbrush for children, so sonic electric toothbrush for children is more recommended.

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