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The actual use effect of the Water Flosser

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For cleaning adjacent teeth, the actual use of Water Flosser is much better than flossing, because ease of use Water Flosser is the most important indicator for the same type of product. Only use the threshold is low enough, can achieve the effect that insists on using. In addition, I would like to call it a magic tool for the maintenance of oral hygiene of orthodontic and implant patients. In this article, we will introduce in detail the methods and tools for cleaning the adjacent teeth. It is the greatest pain for people to be unable to work happily. Dental caries is the highest incidence of oral disease. Decayed teeth are large and small, which can seriously cause tooth loss. A good part of all the cleaning we do is to avoid tooth decay.


Dental caries tend to occur in two places:


1. Occlusal surface of teeth


Occlusal surface dental caries generally have obvious holes, found generally more timely, once found, it is good to fill, the difficulty of operation is much smaller, the harm is not very big. Even if the nerve is affected by tooth decay, the root is usually preserved after root canal treatment. Say straightforward point call, find early, spend less, the prognosis is good.


2. Caries on the adjacent surface of teeth


Characteristic is relatively hidden, it is difficult to directly observe the discovery, is generally found accidentally in the process of oral examination.


By the time you have symptoms, the cavity is already very large.


And if you want to fill a cavity in this position, the operation is more complicated. More seriously, if you go deep into the gum, a seemingly good tooth may not even be retained. This is the time for us implant doctors to come out and complain about how you don't take good care of your teeth while making money with hatred. The big Versailles scene makes you perfect.


Although it can be difficult to spot, adjacent caries usually have a starting factor that is also a symptom: a plug


For cleaning between teeth, toothpicks are harmful and brushing alone is not enough.


Is there any other way?


To control plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth


There is no doubt that using Water Flosser is an effective way to clean the adjacent surfaces of teeth. Two hundred years of technological progress have not made Water Flosser obsolete. Instead, it has become a fad that dentists would like to recommend.


The benefits of using Water Flosser are undeniable:


1, the cleaning efficiency is relatively high

2, Water Flosser small volume, portability,

3, the price is cheap, and a roll of Water Flosser is easily thirty or fifty meters at a very low cost.



The obvious advantages of a Water Flosser are:


1. It is easy to get started and can be used by both the elderly and children

2. High cleaning efficiency, especially for the corners of the teeth, dental implants, orthodontic treatment period, has a significant help.

3. It can be used to clean deep tissues, such as periodontal pocket of periodontitis patients. The oral irrigator can be combined with specially designed sprinkler heads, such as orthodontic sprinkler heads, which can be easily cleaned to the position where oral irrigator is difficult to clean.

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