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The design ideas of foreign electric toothbrush products

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The design ideas of foreign electric toothbrush products

Different people have different degree of tooth sensitivity, and they have different requirements for the strength of electric toothbrush. Due to the simple design of ordinary toothbrush, the strength of use can only be adjusted by hand, which is not only very tired but also may aggravate their periodontitis, tooth sensitivity and other problems. Electric toothbrushes come with different cleaning modes. Low-end toothbrushes have at least 2-3 cleaning modes, and high-end toothbrushes even have 4-6 cleaning modes. More lost is not always better, but it can meet the actual needs of our teeth in a way that ordinary toothbrushes can't. 4, the cost of using the cost of the early investment in electric toothbrush is very large, spend two or three hundred can buy a better domestic brand, more than three hundred is the position of imported brands.

As a practitioner in the oral industry, I would like to say whether electric toothbrush is worth using from the perspective of my own use and consultation with patients who are familiar with it. The answer: an electric toothbrush is recommended.The core component of electric toothbrush is the motor, and the vibration of toothbrush head is driven by the motor. To protect teeth, the vibration of the brush head must be smooth. Electric toothbrush is equipped with magnetic levitation motor at the beginning, and many domestic brands of electric toothbrush are also equipped with magnetic levitation motor. Another important point when buying an electric toothbrush is to look at the bristles on the brush head. Whether you use a regular toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, the only purpose of cleaning is to keep your teeth sterile, residue-free, and healthy. So from this point of view, what brand of electric toothbrush to choose can depend on personal preference. In fact, there is no difference in function with ordinary toothbrush.

As an experienced user of electric toothbrushes and a practitioner with a slight knowledge of oral cavity, my advice is to buy a mid-range model! The vibration frequency of the mid-end electric toothbrush is basically the same as that of the high-end electric toothbrush. The mid-end models also cover rich functions. Compared with the high-end electric toothbrush, they are equipped with more adjustable modes and personalized Settings....... Rich on the high-end, no money on the whole low-end line, the experience will not be bad.

My position has always been that electric toothbrushes are not an IQ tax and can be a better way to help us clean our teeth on a daily basis. But only if you buy it and stick to it, and use it right, is it effective. Why are electric toothbrushes so popular despite their critics? Because it strikes at a human weakness - laziness. How many people can really follow the doctor's advice and brush their teeth for 2 minutes electric toothbrush every morning and evening using the Pap method?

The battery used by the 100-yuan electric toothbrush does not meet international standards, and the internal material of the toothbrush handle is not waterproof, which will lead to water and burn out the circuit board during use. You just bought the possibility to use a few times, there are frequent automatic start or cannot switch the case of the electric toothbrush, may be waterproof or battery problem.

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