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The difference between high and low price electric toothbrush?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-29      Origin: Site

The above points will affect the price of electric toothbrush, to meet the above six requirements of the electric toothbrush, the market price is generally above 100 yuan -- buy whitening toothpaste to give these electric toothbrush, you can give up. What's the difference between a hundred and a hundred and a thousand electric toothbrushes? 1, the role of today's electric toothbrush is really too much, such as: pressure magnetic induction prompt, automatic timing, self-set vibration frequency, self-set brushing time and so on. After the popularity of intelligent home system, electric toothbrush is also changing the role of the promotion of flowers. For example, the use of mobile phone to check oral health (that is, whether the frequency and time of brushing is healthy), automatic prompt to remove and replace the electric toothbrush head. It's not impossible to say it doesn't work, but it's not necessary. If you like a certain role, and the budget is ample, you can choose. But if charge budget is more limited, do not choose also is ok. 2, quality, some electric toothbrushes will break down after a year or two, and some electric toothbrushes can be used for five or six years. Rechargeable batteries, motors, which are very easy to break components, are a test of product quality, and will have a greater impact on product quotation. But it just so happens that all goods are concerned about quality, in the electric toothbrush industry is not recommended that you care too much. The reason is simple: electric toothbrushes are removed and replaced frequently. 3, appearance, the appearance of electric toothbrush need not say more, the more novel appearance, the more we must ask high-end designers. Well-known brands are often stronger than smaller brands because their appearance has been leading the fashion. And the more frequently the appearance is upgraded, the faster the processing mold is replaced, and the corresponding cost is higher. So unless you're really hooked on a particular electric toothbrush, stick with a very simple model. Classic and durable.

Decades ago, electric toothbrushes were invented to solve the problem of people with hand defects who couldn't brush properly. Now, it is to solve the problem of lazy people not wanting to brush their teeth every day and brushing their teeth carelessly. You can't imagine how large this population is -- in 2019, the National Health Commission issued a "Healthy Oral Action" document, hoping that 45 percent of adults brush their teeth every day by 2025. It also reflects the gap in oral care education. Not so many people brush their teeth every day, the proportion of people who do not seriously brush their teeth will be as high as how many? Without an electric toothbrush, IT's hard for me to brush effectively myself. Effective here refers to the current mainstream recommended brushing method, which is also required in the oral examination of the future all doctors to jointly teach oral care method.Whether manual or electric toothbrush, bristles are the most important! Vibration frequency, battery life, and appearance should all be sidelined.

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