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The electric toothbrush is driven by electricity

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Our sonic electric toothbrush is the motor inside the handle, motor high speed rotating drive shaft high speed rotating, the shaft drive brush base cavity high frequency vibration, thus promote the bristles rotation and vibration, and relying on the drive shaft is not like other brand electric toothbrush high frequency vibrations to drive the brush head of the high frequency vibration, then drive the bristles. Because there is no high frequency vibration of the brush head, only the bristles rotate vibration, there is no general electric toothbrush at the beginning of the vibration of the lip numbing feeling, also won't let the head buzzing, can be said to be very suitable for just contact with the use of electric toothbrush.


Compared with the manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush is driven by electricity, and the brush head moves at a high speed of thousands or even tens of thousands of times per minute/vibration frequency. The efficiency is indeed much higher than that of the manual toothbrush, but it has higher requirements on the bristles to prevent the gums from being damaged in the process of brushing. Electric toothbrushes clean much more frequently than manual toothbrushes, so the brushing rate should be improved to avoid gum damage, said Professor Dental College of Dentistry. Consumers in the purchase of electric toothbrush should pay special attention to observe whether the bristle tip is round. Our electric toothbrush adopts "DuPont brush", which is more elastic than ordinary brush and more wear-resistant. The bristles are rounded and rubbed together with silica gel bristles to massage the gums. In addition, there are various modes and battery life necessary for general electric toothbrush. Our electric toothbrush also does a good job, with 20 modes for you to choose from. My toothbrush can be used for about a month once charged.


Regarding electric toothbrush, in addition to choosing a suitable one for yourself, there are also many points that need to be paid attention to when using it. (1) the use of electric toothbrush does not apply too much force, so as not to cause local damage. (2) Electric toothbrushes cannot solve the problem of tooth decay. The generation of tooth decay and living habits, diet and so on are closely related, electric toothbrush is only a replacement for manual, does not mean that you can reduce the number of brushing teeth. For many people who can't brush their teeth for three to five minutes a day, there's little difference between regular and electric toothbrushes, and cavities can grow. (3) The brush head of electric toothbrush is a consumable product, which is easy to wear and breed bacteria after long-term use. The brush head needs to be replaced after three months. (4) If it is found that the toothbrush parts are loose or damaged, it should be stopped immediately to avoid damage. To sum up, choosing an electric toothbrush that is strong in cleaning and suitable for you, and brushing correctly, will increase your chances of having a healthy set of teeth.

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