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The electric toothbrush's time alert mode enforces a minimum brushing time

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-24      Origin: Site

First of all, electric toothbrush has higher cleaning efficiency. The cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush is much higher than that of manual brushing. What's more, now almost all electric toothbrushes have use time reminder function, brushing time at least 2 minutes, every half a minute will remind to change the brushing position. By using an electric toothbrush, you can ensure that you've accomplished at least 2 minutes of brushing. Many children are reluctant to brush their teeth, but an electric, vibrating, cartoon-like toothbrush will certainly appeal to children. When brushing your teeth becomes a fun thing to do, kids start to love it, and it's fun to brush your teeth with a sports car running around in your mouth. I think the electric toothbrush is just an excuse for laziness. It is enough to be a little diligent. The electric toothbrush is just an accelerated version of manual brushing. First of all, most people have already realized the importance of brushing their teeth. If the people who don't brush their teeth should be taught the importance of brushing their teeth, then it is necessary to explain the advantages of electric toothbrushes to those who want to brush their teeth more cleanly. Electric toothbrushes don't just brush faster, they are significantly more efficient and effective than manual toothbrushes. Not to mention pressure alarms, artificial intelligence and other features that can protect teeth by reducing wear and tear and help you develop healthier brushing habits. On the other hand, electric toothbrushes do cost more than regular toothbrushes. Is it worth the price?

On the one hand, electric toothbrush is expensive because of its cost. Its structure is not only bristles and handle, but also vibration motor with adjustable frequency. On the other hand, electric toothbrush has many other functions: pressure alarm, artificial intelligence, timing function and so on, which are the multi-functional cost source of electric toothbrush; Finally, the electric toothbrush contains a variety of original instruments, as well as certain appearance level and waterproof performance requirements, industrial design and product process are far higher than ordinary toothbrushes, which also constitute another dimension of high cost of electric toothbrushes.

The original intention of the birth of electric toothbrush is designed for people who have difficulty in brushing their teeth manually. Now every lazy person here is responsible for the upgrading and development of the present situation. And why do dentists always recommend electric toothbrushes when going to the dentist? Because traditional toothbrushes are difficult to remove dental plaque, electric toothbrushes have better cleaning ability. Last time I went to the dentist, the doctor recommended electric toothbrushes.

The doctor suggested that I should buy an electric toothbrush to brush my teeth properly, brush my teeth in the correct way, and keep my mouth clean. For example, I should floss every time after eating to remove the remnants of vegetables between my teeth, and then rinse my mouth with mouthwash.In fact, after playing with the electric toothbrush for a while, I realized that the manual toothbrush did not have the pleasure. And the use of electric toothbrush in addition to high cleaning strength, there is an electric toothbrush is convenient to use. I found that manual toothbrushes had been completely abandoned after using electric ones.

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