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The most obvious difference after I use electric toothbrush

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-19      Origin: Site

The most obvious difference after I use electric toothbrush: 1. It is definitely enough to brush for 2 minutes each time, because the electric toothbrush has a set time and will stop at the end of the time, unless you are very lack of self-control, otherwise this time is guaranteed.2.because you don't need to brush yourself, your hand is just holding the electric toothbrush, it is relatively simple to put the toothbrush in a part of your mouth every once in a while.The high frequency vibration is definitely faster than my millennium hand speed.4. There will be no lateral brushing problem.Before buy electric toothbrush basically choose foreign brand, but these two years domestic brands come out a lot of very can dozen styles, such as domestic electric toothbrush, very recommended.

It cleans and saves time.And a good electric toothbrush is very gentle on the teeth, not as hard as manual toothbrushes, it is easy to poke the gums.Choose toothbrush, also should choose quality goods, I from the university began to use electric toothbrush, use for so long, one brand of electric toothbrush became a regular, I don't want to change this with the works, the appearance is really high level is very light, and the material of the brush is a very soft, can be each time you brush your teeth, not harm the teeth, all kinds of corner can clean very clean.I can't live without my electric toothbrush now.

My teeth are a little sensitive these days.Drink a little bit of the teeth.Just thinking about changing a more functional electric toothbrush.Bought an electric toothbrush, pretty good appearance level is good, diamond cut face.There are five functions, so when the teeth are sensitive, you can change the function, the main is to use the cleaning and sensitive function this is still good, this electric toothbrush can be charged for a long time.It's been in use for a while, but it's good now, and the tooth doesn't bleed much.

Good electric toothbrush will certainly be better than ordinary toothbrush, cleaning effect is better, but also to protect oral health, but like some outside brands do not buy, poor production process, but also easy to damage tooth enamel, to buy cost-effective, I have been using electric toothbrush experience is very good,I haven't been to the dentist since I changed this electric toothbrush, the cleaning effect is online, the noise is low, and it's worth it.

Whether it's an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, it's just a tool for cleaning your teeth.The most important thing is whether you brush your teeth seriously or not.If you don't like a manual toothbrush, try an electric one.Personally, I recommend a small-headed toothbrush to clean every tooth and every face.And don't use a toothbrush with stiff bristles.The rest depends on personal interests.

Not all electric toothbrush to use, there are some Chinese brand is pretty good, but is recommended domestic electric toothbrush, although a slightly higher price, but life is really to force, to charge to support about 100 days or so, electric toothbrush overall design is contracted and easy, looking at very capable, horizontal well in appearance, function as well as capable,It has five modes of intelligent control 25 files, comprehensive functions of oral care is more comprehensive, the experience is very good, good value for money.

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