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The oral irrigator uses high speed water to clean up the food debris between the teeth and remove some dental plaque

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The oral irrigator uses high speed water to clean up the food debris between the teeth and remove some dental plaque. And the use of oral irrigator can also make the formation of dental stones slower, to prevent dental caries, periodontitis is also good.

If you rinse oral irrigator (water flosser) and what not to come out, perhaps because if dental floss has taken the food particles and part of the larger volume of plaque to clean up, so there are some smaller in the corner of plaque and food particles and oral irrigator out of the use of words, because of itself could see not too clear, so of course will feel not rush anything! However, if you look closely in a mirror or lick your teeth with your tongue, it will be obvious that the teeth become smoother, which means that some small stains have been removed.

Of course, there may also be the problem that the topic uses the oral irrigator in the wrong way or the oral irrigator is used incorrectly. The way of using the oral irrigator is particularly important. If the tooth is not properly used, it is not only impossible to clean the teeth, but also likely to cause bleeding of the gums due to the wrong operation.

First nozzle location is important, make sure nozzle and is one of the 90 - degree Angle between teeth, so nozzle can maximum limit, precision cleaning teeth, the second is to rush the order of the tooth, tooth washed up first, then down the teeth, teeth after first start, and then slowly moved to the front teeth and then rushed, then spray on each tooth stay about five seconds.

So how to choose the water flosser? The first is the type of water flosser. Now the water flosser on the market is divided into four types: ultrasonic type, high-frequency pulse type, jet type and living oxygen type. The cleaning strength of the two types of ultrasonic type and high-frequency pulse type is quite good, but the high-frequency pulse type is the most mature technology now, and it is also the one that exists most on the market. The second is the nozzle, which has many different designs for different oral conditions and parts of the mouth!

The bleeding of the gums after the first use of the oral irrigator does not mean that the water pressure is too strong to damage the gums, but that the gums are inflamed. While using a toothbrush can clean most of the food and bacteria between the gums and teeth, traditional brushing fails to take into account the tiny Spaces between the teeth and the gingival area. The bacteria absorb nutrients from the food residue, causing the gums to become swollen and inflamed. The gums are prone to bleeding in response to external stimuli, so when the oral irrigator cleans the inflamed gums, the bleeding occurs.

Proper use of the water flosser has no side effects and can help oral health to a certain extent. Perhaps the most important "side effects" that people are concerned about are sore gums, bleeding, saliva loss and widening of the gaps between the teeth, which are not likely to occur if they are used correctly. Beginners may bleed at first, but the situation will improve after use; The water flosser is usually used 2-3 times a day. Do not use it too frequently to avoid saliva loss. As for the gap between the teeth to become large, this is just the dirty things in the gap between the teeth to be cleaned up, all of a sudden can not adapt to the illusion that the gap between the teeth to become large.

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