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The oral irrigator uses the principle of high speed water to wash away dirt to clean the areas that we can't normally brush and floss

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The oral irrigator uses the principle of high speed water to wash away dirt to clean the areas that we can't normally brush and floss, such as the gaps between teeth, gingival creases, periodontal pockets and so on. Oral irrigator is an auxiliary tool for oral care.

Why do we use oral irrigator? In general, there is a groove about 2mm deep at the tooth and gum junction, which is around the tooth but not attached to the tooth. This groove leads to the root of the tooth, but it is the most likely place to hide dirt and cause tooth and gum disease. The gingival crevise can be difficult to reach, although the crevise brush and floss can be used to remove the accumulation between the teeth and on the surface of the teeth. The oral irrigator can be used to rush into the gingival crevasse to thoroughly clean all kinds of gaps and convex and concave surfaces. At the same time, the water from the oral irrigator can also massage the gums, promote the blood circulation of the gums, enhance the resistance of local tissues to disease, and then eliminate the odor caused by oral hygiene, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive teeth cleaning. Therefore, it is very necessary to use the oral irrigator, and as long as you have used it, you will know that you really have a lot of hygiene dead corners when you brush your teeth, and the oral irrigator is very good to help us make up for this. But, also want to pay special attention to, oral irrigator can not completely replace brushing your teeth, but assist us, let us better oral health, such as to brush teeth not serious at ordinary times, can't stick to pap method of brushing your teeth (I was often a little late, brush hurriedly ran to go out to work), are orthodontic crowd, action is not convenient to the old man, etc. Can help us play a very good cleaning role.

Oral irrigator is neither an IQ tax nor a piece of junk, mainly because the effects of this product on individuals vary from person to person. For example, if you have something stuck in your teeth, you have to get it out. You just use a toothpick and floss, but to be honest, the toothpick tends to widen the gap between your teeth, and the wrong floss tends to break and stick. This product, oral irrigator, is a high pressure pulse water column, only 0.6mm, very thin, very helpful for cleaning teeth. For example, some people who don't plug their teeth very much, don't have any major problems in their mouth, don't have caries, they can gargle regularly, they don't need to use a oral irrigator. For orthodontic friends, there are often things stuffed there, it is difficult to clean, water flosser with a nozzle brush will clean more clean!

Finally, the oral irrigator does not remove the calculus, but it can slow the formation of calculus. Dental calculus once formed as hard as stone, blunt dental unit water no matter how can't wash my teeth, the best way to remove the dental calculus is to go to a hospital cleaning, but if insist on using oral irrigator every day, can reduce the accumulation of plaque and food residue, to a certain extent can slow down the formation of dental calculus.

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