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The risk of brushing with electric toothbrush is exactly the same as that of ordinary toothbrush.

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The risk of brushing with electric toothbrush is exactly the same as that of ordinary toothbrush.

I mainly take turns using it after lunch, dinner 30 toothbrush, and oral model test method, partial multiple times to ensure an effective and reliable plus I really seriously, work a little big, so this dry, full hope that useful to everybody! The person that tests does not know how to brush one's teeth at all, measured a lonesome, electric toothbrush closes power switch is an ordinary toothbrush, how did it become the thing that clean effect is inferior to common toothbrush? electric toothbrush hair quality, although this point in the last, but in fact very key, and only after using to really know the quality and effect.Regular dental cleanings and checkups are needed to protect oral health. I'm afraid the overwhelming promotion makes everyone feel that using an electric toothbrush can save this one. In the eyes of the dentist, cleaning teeth not only has a cosmetic effect on teeth, but also the most basic method of prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. Some people want to buy electric toothbrushes because they want to reduce oral problems and save themselves the trouble of cleaning their teeth and having regular checkups. Some people escape because they hear that cleaning teeth is bad.

To see whether an electric toothbrush is good, we should focus on the five points: first, vibration frequency, vibration frequency is the first point of cleaning effect, combined with different gears, can meet the needs of different people or tooth state; Two, the function mode of electric toothbrush, cleaning, whitening, massage these three have been the basic configuration, some will add new mode, but also with the facial cleaning brush head to provide facial cleaning function; Noise experience: It is certain that electric toothbrush has soundOn the contrary, the touch color screen has been replaced by a normal screen, which requires physical buttons to operate. Compared with touch, the convenience is lower, and the overall appearance level is also slightly inferior in my opinion.

In view of some consumption phenomena brought by electric toothbrush in the current market, China Consumer Association has carried out comparative tests of this kind of products. I learn a lesson: electric toothbrush is not only about "cleanliness rate", reduce "tooth injury rate" is also very important!

Electric toothbrush is just a tool to increase cleaning efficiency, manual you are very laborious brush a dozen times, with electric brush a few times can; The core is that you have not used the correct bus brushing method, with ordinary brush brush is not clean, electric toothbrush is not clean; Electric kinetic energy brush clean, common toothbrush brush two times the same effect.

According to authoritative statistics, less than 3 percent of Chinese people will have healthy teeth in 2020, and the concept of proper tooth care still needs to be popularized. Although some people have begun to use electric toothbrush to enhance the effect of dental care, most people do not pay enough attention to the problem of damaged teeth caused by electric toothbrush.

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