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The significance of the existence of Water Flosser

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Toothbrush products can not reach the gap, gingival crevice, the posterior teeth adjacent to the depression, can be handed to the Water Flosser. The prototype is a high-pressure pulsed water sprinkler used by dentists to clean the biofilm and subgingival plaque and other debris that irritates the gum tissue.


In basic periodontal care, supragingival cleaning and subgingival scraping are equally important -- water flow from a Water Flosser is a partial replacement for a dental scrape.


Said from this aspect, toothbrush and dental unit main efficacy is not coincidence, toothbrush, especially electric toothbrush for easy to clean teeth surface vibration friction to wash fully, some with the function of "fluid cleaning force" sound kind of toothbrush can be generated when the bubble burst pressure effect to the teeth, but this kind of ability is far from the design deals with wash your teeth on adjacent surface, gingival sulcus, aperture of dental unit. For consumers, there is no conflict between buying an electric toothbrush and a Water Flosser. A lot of friends will have doubts: cleaning tools have been around since ancient times - such as Water Flosser and more professional interdental brush, they are not cheaper than the toothbrush. Then I will talk about ordinary Water Flosser and interdental brush: because the existence of Water Flosser is important, so after the interdental brush is inserted into the teeth, it is necessary to pull along the edge of the teeth on both sides of the teeth successively from the bottom to the top, in order to scrape off plaque from the adjacent surface of the teeth on both sides. This process requires great skill, and if it is not done well, it will damage the gums and cause bleeding. And long-term use of interdental brush, no matter how skilled, will inevitably make the gap between the teeth widened (the adaptation of the body), affect the appearance. The interdental brush/interstitial brush itself is not a daily cleaning tool and is only suitable for patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease. When gingiva recedes in patients with periodontal disease and old age, the triangular space between teeth widens to form the "black triangle". The interdental brush is used to clean such root bifurcation area.


Their common problems are: the barrier to entry is too high - for the vast majority of people, not knowing how to use is useless, it hurts teeth, and the cost of learning is too high. When used incorrectly, such tools are also full of risks -- such as interdental brushes, where patients tend to neglect the lingual cleaning of the lower front teeth, causing lingual plaque to build up and the posterior root bifurcation to break off.


With the progress of science and technology, it is inevitable that there will be leapfrog products in various consumer categories. Water Flosser play such a role. In the 1950s, dentists and engineers in the United States jointly invented the water flosser, and in 1962, it was officially commercialized, and its efficient cleaning function has been increasingly widely recognized.


The principle of the toothbrush has been broadly described above: water flow (5-90 psi(34-621kPa)) or pressure spray is used as the cleaning medium, and the specially designed nozzle is used to clean the biofilm, sub gingival plaque, and the residual debris in the tooth gap. The high pressure water jet to the tissue surface forms two hydrodynamic regions, namely, the impact area where the water column first contacts the oral tissue and the washing area formed by the concentric circle of water diffusion. These two regions dilute and fully wash the sub gingival plaque, especially the non-adherent sub gingival plaque.


The gentle, comfortable, and effective cleaning of the water can play an important role in the maintenance of oral hygiene for ordinary people as well as specific populations, such as periodontal disease, orthodontics, dental implants, fixed dentures, and diabetics.


In my opinion, the biggest advantage of a toothbrush is that it's easy to master: For people who don't floss or have complicated teeth, hold the handle of the toothbrush, focus on the gaps, press the button, and wash through them one by one -- half a minute. Do not tired hands, do not fear to damage the teeth or widen the gap between the teeth, so in Europe and the United States developed countries Water Flosser have been quite popular.


In the academic world, the effect of Water Flosser on plaque control and gingival inflammation can also stand the test of many studies. The research results show that the application of Water Flosser can reduce plaque biofilms on the dental surface and reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the periodontal pocket within 6mm. Water Flosser have certain effects on maintaining oral hygiene, inhibiting plaque and controlling gingival inflammation in elderly patients with periodontal disease. Pressures-spray Water Flosser can significantly reduce plaque attachment in patients with periodontal disease and improve gingival inflammation. It is an effective auxiliary oral cleaning device for patients with periodontal disease.


Today, the demand for Water Flosser is expanding, and the technological iteration of dental rinsing device is also proceeding rapidly. At present, the mainstream Water Flosser in the market adopts two technologies: high pressure water flow pulse or micro-explosive gas flow. The high pressure water pulse is driven by the water pump, the water through the nozzle after the impulse jet impact mouth, and the principle of the "high pressure cleaning machine" used in the car wash is similar, the vast majority of teeth washing products on the market are using this technology. Micro blast technology works like a high-pressure air gun, but the pressure is never high enough to damage tissue -- you blow food debris out of your teeth, and then you wash the debris away with water.

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