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The study found that plaque began to re-form three hours after brushing with an electric toothbrush

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The study found that plaque began to re-form three hours after brushing with an electric toothbrush

Actual brushing several days, the biggest feeling is the gear can be set in the most suitable, I probably around 4 gear, gear to brush your teeth after 3 ~ 6 gear adjustment, can clearly feel the dynamics of change, so the adjustment of the high degree of freedom, to old people to use, for teeth sensitive person, of course it is easier to find the corresponding the most comfortable gear, This is probably the external performance of the electric toothbrush's proud "12 strength + 8 technology".

Healthy tooth, also be to want to wash tooth regularly, check calculate electric toothbrush to brush seriously again good, also hard to avoid stay dead Angle. A tooth looks brushed clean, but when checking, you can still find dental plaque and soft dirt, and then go down is dental calculus. You don't have to clean your teeth when you have a toothache or a bad tooth. Healthy teeth need to be cleaned regularly. We use our teeth every day, and plaque and tartar build up over time. The study found that plaque began to re-form three hours after brushing with an electric toothbrush, and new stones formed 10 days later. The deposition rate of odontolith is mainly affected by the oral environment. There is no problem with using an electric toothbrush at ordinary times. You can wash your teeth once a year. If you have periodontal disease, you may need dental flossing several times a year. In principle, it is found that calculus needs dental cleaning, and it is recommended to regular hospitals for dental cleaning.

electric toothbrush is not clean; Electric kinetic energy brush clean, common toothbrush brush two times the same effect.

There is no "need", consumption should be rational, according to their own needs to choose, and do not put oral health on the type of toothbrush. After all, the cost is limited, generally several brushing modes, 2 minutes countdown and so on the most routine functions. 500 yuan "Smart electric toothbrush" : But if you increase your budget to 500 yuan, you can buy a lot of good, comprehensive products. Take the electric toothbrush I am using as an example. It has a 0.95 inch color touch screen, which can give us a score for each brushing and a graphical display of the brushing process, so that brushing is not "blind exercise" and effective feedback can be obtained.According to authoritative statistics, less than 3 percent of Chinese people will have healthy teeth in 2020, and the concept of proper tooth care still needs to be popularized. Although some people have begun to use electric toothbrush to enhance the effect of dental care, most people do not pay enough attention to the problem of damaged teeth caused by electric toothbrush. As a comparison, I also have a flagship electric toothbrush of some international brands at the price of 2000 yuan. The overall workmanship materials are indeed good, but they do not appear to be stronger than mine. On the contrary, the touch color screen has been replaced by a normal screen, which requires physical buttons to operate. Compared with touch, the convenience is lower, and the overall appearance level is also slightly inferior in my opinion.

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