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The water flosser is an auxiliary cleaning tool for cleaning the mouth

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The water flosser is an auxiliary cleaning tool for cleaning the mouth. The principle is to pressurize the water in the storage tank from the nozzle tip. The powerful column of water can remove the stains and food particles between the teeth, which can not be removed by the toothbrush. If the gum crests and gaps between the teeth are not cleaned properly, the remaining food can become a fertile breeding ground for germs that can lead to related dental problems. If the oral irrigator is used, under the action of pressure, it can be rushed into the gingival groove to flush to the depth of 50-90%, and the strong pressure water column can clean all kinds of gaps.

From the principle of oral irrigator, cleaning force is the core factor. The purchase of tooth punch, see a lot of people have to list a variety of parameters, dazzling. Don't get lost in charging time, battery life, appearance, weight, etc!

Catch the point! Go back to the original purpose of buying a water flosser, which is to want a safe and clean tooth cleaner! Simply put, it is able to clean effectively while protecting your gums! Studies have shown that the 40-90psi range of the water flosser is scientific and can be used to clean the gums without increasing the burden. Here involves an important parameter in the purchase of oral irrigator, that is, the need to choose more gears, can clean without hurting the gums is the king.

The reason why I use dental impactors, I really love water flosser is because when I brush with electric toothbrush, I also wash out a lot of food particles! Maybe it is these food residues that ferment in the mouth and produce smelly gas. I used the water flosser with the original intention of preventing dental diseases, but unexpectedly I found that my breath improved after using the water flosser. Another point is that wisdom teeth have now grown out, it is difficult to brush, with the water flosser can also better solve this problem.

As long as you look at two points, cleaning force and gear, the other is to see the quality control. The cleaning force of the oral irrigator mainly depends on the water pressure, water spray mode and water flow frequency. The higher the water pressure is, the easier it is to be rinsed, but too much water pressure is easy to damage the mouth. The standard range of oral irrigator is only 40-90psi, which is scientific. However, you must choose more gear, and you can adjust the force according to your own situation. The water spray mode is recommended to choose the pulse mode, which has a large impact force and good cleaning effect. At present, the mainstream oral irrigator adopts this mode. Although there is no clear standard for water flow frequency, it is generally recommended to choose more than 1200Hz.

Water pressure adjustment is related to comfort, and also related to the degree of stimulation to the gums. The more gears, the better. This is especially important for people who have never used water flosser and are sensitive to teeth.

Quality control, choose big brands, long-term focus on the field of oral irrigator, must choose professional, all products should be selected to have precipitation and accumulation of enterprises, they will be responsible for their products, quality control is guaranteed.

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