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The water flosser is not a special black technology

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The water flosser is not a special black technology, it is simply a tool for cleaning the gap between the teeth, and the cleaning force is the core factor. The cleaning force of the water flosser mainly depends on the water pressure, water spray mode and water flow frequency. The higher the water pressure, the easier it is to rinse, but too much water pressure is easy to damage the mouth, generally in the range of 40-90psi. Although there is no clear standard for water flow frequency, it is generally recommended to choose more than 1200Hz. The water spraying mode is recommended to choose the pulse mode, the water impact strength is large, the cleaning effect is good, can meet the needs of most people.

In addition to choosing the right brand of oral irrigator, it is also necessary to take into account the control of cleaning force and water pressure. Recommended to choose more gear, can control the water pressure.

Proper use of the oral irrigator has no side effects and can help oral health to a certain extent. Perhaps the most important "side effects" that people are concerned about are sore gums, bleeding, saliva loss and widening of the gaps between the teeth, which are not likely to occur if they are used correctly. Beginners may bleed at first, but the situation will improve after use; The oral irrigator is usually used 2-3 times a day. Do not use it too frequently to avoid saliva loss. As for the gap between the teeth to become large, this is just the dirty things in the gap between the teeth to be cleaned up, all of a sudden can not adapt to the illusion that the gap between the teeth to become large.

But in addition to using the water flosser correctly, you also need to buy reliable water flosser products from big brands. Otherwise, the water pressure control of poor quality water flosser is unstable, and it is likely to damage your gums.

For me, the gap between my teeth is relatively large, there will always be error residue left in the gap between my teeth when I eat. This kind of food residue will not only make me uncomfortable, but also cause bacteria to grow on our teeth. What's more, it provides nutrients for dental plaque. If the plaque is not cleaned in time, it is easy to calcify and become calculus, which accumulates at the root of the tooth, pressing and stimulating the periodontal environment, which is periodontal atrophy. So using an impactor to clean the gaps between the water flosser can block the source of nutrients for plaque.

Just rinse for 1-3 minutes after eating to remove food particles from the gaps between teeth. The high pressure pulse water of the oral irrigator is a kind of soft stimulation. The high pressure pulsed water of the oral irrigator is a flexible stimulus that does not damage any part of the mouth or face, but also can play a good massage effect on the gums. It is best to rinse him after each meal to develop another "gargle" habit.

 In general, the oral irrigator can be washed with water, but also can add some mouthwash and analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, targeted to strengthen the effect. Middle-aged and elderly people have a larger tooth powder, and it is easier to clean food particles between teeth with an oral irrigator. The greatest advantage of an oral irrigator over a toothpick is that no matter how it is used, it does not damage the periodontal and tooth surfaces.

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