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There are mainly two kinds of mainstream electric toothbrush.rotary vibration

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At present, there are mainly two kinds of mainstream electric toothbrush.rotary vibration: the brush head is named after the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation at high speed; Acoustic wave type: not be clean with acoustic wave, just its movement frequency (260 times per second above) in person ear can hear within the range and get a name.

 In fact, from the working principle, the working mode of electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush in any case can not reach. Rotating vibration like automatic car washing, equivalent to a quick brush around the teeth in all directions; The acoustic wave type, although the use is similar to the manual, but its scrub amplitude and frequency are much larger than the manual.

As for the effect of brushing, according to several studies, electric toothbrushes have a significant advantage, with 21% less plaque and 11% less gingivitis after three months than those who use manual toothbrushes. Therefore, the electric toothbrush is not only the electric enhanced version of the manual toothbrush, but also a new experience. Of course, the electric toothbrush is not only used to treat the "lazy cancer" of adults. For those children who have come of age to learn to brush their teeth, the electric toothbrush will increase the fun of their brushing and help them develop the good habit of keeping a clean mouth from an early age. 

And children's shoes with braces. Because the binder can stick the bracket (braces) firmly to the teeth, it can withstand the small vibration of the teeth chewing food, the mechanical force of brushing and the strong vibration of the electric toothbrush. Therefore, it is generally possible to use an electric toothbrush. If you are not assured, ask a doctor before using it.

Electric toothbrush choice is actually two points (the dentist summed it up for me) : one is cleaning power, one is comfortable. In addition to these two points, the other are additional questions, good extra points, no and no points. → Cleaning power. Very simple, be regarded as a toothbrush namely, can brush clean? The tooth is not a flat flat surface, as in the caricature. In fact, the surface structure of teeth is quite complex, and there are many uneven structures, especially the place where the two teeth are close to each other and the "top of the head" of the innermost big tooth, which are the most likely to have plaque accumulation.

Therefore, as an electric toothbrush, it can not simply generate vibration in one way, but should simulate the scientific brushing action, including the toothbrush head in the longitudinal, horizontal, rotating action, generated by the different vibration. Some electric toothbrushes just brush the head back tremor, so when cleaning the plaque in the teeth, because only a small part of the tip of the brush head is forced, so the cleaning will inevitably "not give force", although the brush bristles close to the gap, but because the vibration is not enough, it will lead to dental plaque can not be cleaned. In terms of cleaning power, it is recommended that the power of the brush head is stronger, and the electric toothbrush products can transmit the vibration to each brush hair. At the same time, the design of the toothbrush head itself is not as smooth as possible. Companies with scientific research and innovation will improve the packaging of the uneven tooth surface through the special design of the brush head, which can improve the brushing efficiency and ensure the cleaning effect.

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