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There are several major differences between children's electric toothbrushes and adults'.

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Many parents choose to buy electric toothbrushes in order to help their children develop the good habit of brushing their teeth. However, electric toothbrushes are divided into human and children, and there is not much difference at first sight. In fact, there is a big gap between adult and children's electric toothbrushes.What is the difference between children's electric toothbrush and adult's? Let's look at it together.

1. The difference between the bristles of the brush head and the bristles is the most important. Adult electric toothbrush bristles are suitable for hard bristles, while children are suitable for super soft bristles.Due to the special oral conditions of children, a smaller design will be adopted on the brush head, and the selection of bristles will pay attention to antibacterial and softness. For example, many children's electric toothbrushes use antibacterial super-soft bristles, which can resist 99% bacteria, and the top of the brush head is rounded to fit the gums, so that brushing is safer.2. The difference between different vibration modes and acoustic electric toothbrush.The vibration frequency of acoustic electric toothbrush is about 18,000 times per minute for children and 30,000 times per minute for adults.The vibration rate of the silicone brush head for children is around 8,000 beats per minute, and that of the electric toothbrush for adults is around 11,000 beats per minute.Adult teeth due to the growth of the already strong mature, so will be more brushing effect, the pursuit of high quality adult sonic toothbrush vibration frequency is about 30000 times per minute or so, can effectively remove plaque, considering the children's teeth development still immature, teeth are still relatively immature, so in order not to give too much pressure on the teeth,Children's sonic electric toothbrush vibrates at around 18,000 beats per minute, providing comfort while providing basic cleaning.3, the appearance design is different, adult electric toothbrush generally in the appearance design, are more inclined to household simplicity, generally look and feel are more stable, general, without too much fancy color change, the pursuit of modern pure color doctrine, black or white, of course, there is no lack of girl powder.The design of children's electric toothbrush is more interesting, in order to train children to fall in love with brushing teeth, manufacturers are also painstakingly, the toothbrush made into a variety of cartoon images, diverse styles, children love to see it every day, holding brushing teeth, but also to solve the problem of children do not love brushing teeth.In general: compared with adult electric toothbrushes, children's electric toothbrushes are different in: 1. The bristles are softer.Soft hairs are suitable for children's baby teeth brushing.2. Smaller brush head.Children's oral environment is relatively small, so the design of the brush head must be small.3. Smaller vibration amplitude and frequency.It's less stimulating and, of course, less efficient to clean, but this can be compensated for by taking longer to brush.There are three main differences between the above electric toothbrushes for children and adults. When designing electric toothbrushes, manufacturers take into full consideration the needs of different age groups.

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