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There are thousands of reasons to buy an electric toothbrush

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There are thousands of reasons to buy an electric toothbrush, and the functional collocation of each sonic toothbrush is varied. In order to choose the right sonic toothbrush, it is necessary to judge according to their main needs.

Because the bristles of an electric toothbrush are in direct contact with our mouth, the quality of the bristles is very important. Inferior bristles have split ends and burrs, which not only fail to clean, but also will stab our gums, make our gums feel painful, and may cause bleeding gums seriously. The top of the rounded brush is very smooth, not only will not stimulate our gums when brushing, the use of more comfortable, but also strong cleaning ability, can effectively clean our gum crevice, teeth residual food residue and dental plaque.

Mainstream electric toothbrushes generally have 3 to 5 cleaning modes, including daily cleaning mode, polishing and whitening mode, novice mode, sensitive mode and deep cleaning mode. A small number of electric toothbrushes are also designed with a tongue coating cleaning mode to freshen breath. The more modes, the more choices, we choose electric toothbrush according to their own needs.

In general, three modes are sufficient for electric toothbrushes. The most common routine we use is the basic cleaning mode, which can effectively clean the mouth and remove plaque. Use the sensitive mode/novice mode for the first time or when the gums are sensitive, and then switch to the cleaning mode when the intensity of the electric toothbrush is adjusted. When we want to effectively remove stains or whiten teeth, we can switch to deep cleaning mode.

Some electric toothbrushes refer to the sensitive mode as the soft mode. Although the cleaning mode of different electric toothbrushes has different names, its function and effect are roughly the same, so you don't have to worry about the name problem.

Mainstream electric toothbrushes have the function of 30s time zone change reminder, 2min intelligent shutdown and so on. These functions can not only allow us to fully clean our oral teeth, but also ensure enough time to brush our teeth, so that our oral health. Some electric toothbrushes also have intelligent memory function. It can automatically remember the last use mode, we do not need to use again before the shift, open with use, more convenient.

The power of electric toothbrush is also very important, especially for frequent business trips, travel friends, the power of strong means that you do not need to worry about the use of the sudden power out. Mainstream electric toothbrushes have a good battery life. The endurance time is generally 2 weeks to 30 days, especially excellent can reach 180 days. The better the battery life, the less we need to worry about charging.

The waterproof ability of electric toothbrush is very important. Poor waterproof ability is easy to lead to water in the fuselage, which damages the motor, resulting in the electric toothbrush itself vibration, can not be turned on. It is recommended to buy an electric toothbrush with waterproof rating of IPX7 and above.

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