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There are two main type of electric toothbrushes on the market.

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Mechanical rotation: Using a motor to drive the swing arm, it simulates manual brushing, but it's faster and more violent (a simple polishing machine!). . The brush head and bristles rotate or reciprocate and are rubbed together for a cleaning effect.


Acoustic vibration: rely on the high speed motion of the motor to produce vibration, transfer to the bristles, produce slight and fast motion, through vibration to achieve the role of cleaning.


Many toothbrushes are labeled "ultrasonic toothbrush", is in fact an exaggeration, is not really in the use of ultrasonic brushing.


These electric sonic toothbrushes produce a certain amount of cavitation at the bristles through 15, 000 to 70, 000 vibrations per minute, causing water and air to move at high speed together with the mixture, which exerts a stronger scouring effect on the surface of the teeth, stripping away food particles and plaque. And ultrasonic toothbrush frequencies above 120,000 beats per minute are still far off.


Which is better, mechanical or acoustic? Personally, I prefer the Sonic toothbrush. Although the mechanical cleaning efficiency of the tooth surface is very high, by contrast, the sonic toothbrush is easier to clean to places like the gingival crevicular and has less physical wear on the teeth.


There are only two functions that really work: one is intelligent timing, which can ensure the brushing time; The second is pressure sensing to prevent excessive force to the teeth.


In terms of gears, the difference is not that obvious. Maybe for those with sensitive teeth or poor periodontal disease, the normal cleaning mode is too strong, sensitive care and gum massage will be much better, but the cleaning effect is not so good naturally.


For apps and Bluetooth and things like that, it really doesn't work! First of all, choosing an electric toothbrush is easy. Brushing a tooth should be pointed at the mobile phone. It is more laborious than manual operation to brush your teeth at the same time.


These apps of stream of consciousness cannot see the real oral environment, nor can they detect the position and track of the brush head, as well as the residue of plaque. The cleaning effect can only be measured by time. Why don't I buy a watch? ! Of course, hopefully it will one day have more accurate sensors and algorithms to complement it, rather than just being a timer.

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