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There must be a reason why electric toothbrushes are so popular

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There must be a reason why electric toothbrushes are so popular: Electric toothbrushes are actually better at cleaning than regular toothbrushes, especially when it comes to removing bacteria from your mouth. Compared to manual brushing, the electric toothbrush is a miracle. For the same amount of time, an electric toothbrush cleans more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush and is better at cleaning the back teeth area.

How to choose a good electric toothbrush?

1. Whether they are suitable for themselves can be divided into three points: whether the budget is enough; Oral condition can not use this style (sensitive teeth without hard brush); The level of appearance is right for taste.

2, cleaning force is not strong. The ultimate goal of choosing an electric toothbrush is to efficiently remove plaque.

3. Rounding rate of bristles. Because it should be used every day, long-term wear and tear should be as minimal as possible, with minimal irritation to the gums. So the bristle rounding rate is particularly important, the higher the rounding rate, the higher the higher.

4. Charging mode: At present, there are two charging modes in the electric toothbrush, induction charging and USB charging.

The most afraid of ordinary toothbrush brushing is to brush the hand acid is not good, but not enough time.An electric toothbrush is effortless. The electric toothbrush has a 30-second, 2-minute timer, so you don't have to count the time to brush your teeth. And when you brush your teeth, just place the brush head and bristles on the area you want to brush, and gently apply pressure.

The main function of brushing teeth is to remove plaque.Plaque is a kind of bacterial biofilm, which you can think of as a colony of bacteria on your teeth. Diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis are at risk if plaque is not removed promptly.The most popular location for plaque growth is the gingival crevices. So when we brush our teeth, the main thing is to clean the gum groove. The core of the Pap method, which is currently the most accepted method by dentists, is to make the bristles tremble quickly in the gingival crevae to remove plaque.For the electric toothbrush, the tremor will happen automatically, and all we have to do is put it in the right position.

How to match the electric toothbrush with the Pap method.Many people brush their teeth the right way all the time, but they don't even hold their toothbrush the wrong way. The correct gesture is to say "like" and hold the toothbrush in your hand with its body between your thumb and index finger.Aim the bristles at the gingival crevice at a 45-degree Angle. This is an excellent Angle for cleaning teeth. Each face to brush, master the teeth brushing formula "up and down, right and left, left and right". Brush the upper teeth with the brush down and the lower teeth with the brush up.


Anyone can go first on the occlusal surface and the outer side of the tooth, as long as the stay time is in place and the cleaning degree is OK. Brush for at least three minutes each time.

We should brush our teeth at least twice a day for clean, white teeth, good breath and good oral hygiene. Morning and evening each time, if free at noon can also be added once, conditional words after eating gargle, oral hygiene is absolutely good.

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