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Two common electric toothbrushes: rotary vibration and sonic.

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Standard use, electric toothbrush effect is better


Regardless of the principle, we judge which toothbrush is better mainly by the actual effect.


The most important thing about brushing your teeth is to remove plaque. Plaque can eat away at the surface of teeth, leading to tooth decay. Long-term adherence to teeth can also lead to problems like gingivitis. On both counts, the rotary vibrating toothbrush has a clear advantage. Twenty-seven studies conducted over the last 20 years found that after three months, those who used the rotary vibrating toothbrush had 21% fewer plaque and 11% fewer gingivitis than those who used the manual toothbrush.


However, the effectiveness of sonic electric toothbrushes has not been fully proven.


There are few studies out there that have found that the electric toothbrush works better than a manual toothbrush. Of course, the sonic toothbrush is also improving and may evolve better products in the future.


Concerns about damage to teeth and gums by electric toothbrushes have also been proven to be unfounded: regular use of electric toothbrushes does no harm to teeth or soft tissues, and is less harmful to gums than manual brushing.


Pay attention to the method and change the brush head regularly


The use of rotary vibration electric toothbrush is more special, here is the emphasis, you can search the video online to help understand:


Gently hold the handle of the brush with your fingers. Place the brush head in your mouth and then turn it on


Set the bristles at an Angle and place them in a fixed position where the teeth meet the gums


After gently rotating and vibrating the brush head for a few seconds, change positions, covering one position at a time


Guide the brush head to move along the gum line


Don't leave anything out, including the inner surface of the teeth, the upper and lower teeth, and the back of the back teeth


Do not press or rub your teeth


In addition, electric toothbrushes need a new head every three months.


If you find an electric toothbrush too expensive and still stick to manual brushing, of course, no problem. Use the method, learn to brush correctly and consistently, choose the right toothbrush with soft bristles, and replace regularly.


Long-term correct and standardized use of manual toothbrush will also achieve good cleaning effect, depending on whether you can stick to it.

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