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Water flosser is a good oral cleaning appliance

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Water flosser is a good oral cleaning appliance, especially in the invisible teeth orthodontic period more need water flosser and other oral cleaning appliance to maintain oral health. Brushing is the most common way to clean the mouth, but there are many dead areas of mouth cleaning that cannot be cleaned by brushing alone, and the water flosser can be a good way to clean these areas.

Just as a high-pressure water gun can clean all parts of a car, water sprayed at the right pressure can also be used to clean teeth. Moreover, the water flosser can also improve the cleaning effect by adding additives with different functions, adjusting pressure, changing frequency and so on.

Oral irrigator can be roughly divided into two types: electric oral irrigator and faucet oral irrigator. The electric oral irrigator is composed of three structures: water storage tank, sprinkler head and electric water pump. There is an electric water pump to generate pressure. The tap oral irrigator is relatively simple. The main structure is a device connected to the tap and a nozzle, which directly uses the water pressure of the tap.

In general, there is a groove about 2mm deep at the tooth and gum junction, which is around the tooth but not attached to the tooth. This groove leads to the root of the tooth, but it is the most likely place to hide dirt and cause tooth and gum disease. The gingival crevise can be difficult to reach, although the crevise brush and floss can be used to remove the accumulation between the teeth and on the surface of the teeth. The water flosser can be used to flush into the depth of 50-90% of the gingival crevasse to thoroughly clean all kinds of gaps, holes and convex and concave surfaces. At the same time, the water will also massage the gums, promote the blood circulation of the gums, enhance the resistance of local tissues, eliminate the bad breath caused by oral hygiene, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive teeth cleaning.

How to use it is simple: just aim the rinse at the area you want to clean and you'll get your teeth clean. Generally, a water flosser uses pressure from a pump or faucet to generate water pressure to punch the teeth. The punch produces an ultra-fine high-pressure pulse of water 800 to 1,600 times per minute. The nozzle allows the water to be rushed to any part of the mouth without any barrier. Generally 1-3 minutes after a meal to wash away food debris and debris. Generally speaking, the tooth punch can be used with water, but also can add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, targeted to strengthen some effects, the water pressure will play a massage role on the gums, and will not hurt the tooth surface like a toothpick.

A water flosser is not a substitute for brushing. For the cleaning of the mouth can only play a supporting role. Mouthwash, which relies on the pressure of water sprayed on the surface of the tooth to wash away the soft dirt that has stuck to it, also works, but an oral irrigator is obviously more thorough. Especially for those who wear orthodontic appliances and the elderly with mobility difficulties, the oral irrigator can play a better cleaning role.

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