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What are some electric toothbrushes you can't put down?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: Site

I haven't talked with you about some small electronic products for a long time, so I will take this opportunity to systematically talk about some things about electric toothbrush. In fact, I once said that a hardware product is good or not, largely depends on his tomorrow attributes. The so-called tomorrow attribute means that consumers can have completely different experience before and after using it, which can either greatly improve work efficiency or have extraordinary comfort and dependence. Once users use it, they can never go back. With such characteristics, a consumer hardware product will have great prospects. The electric toothbrush was one of the first electronic products to be discovered as the properties of tomorrow. When it comes to electric toothbrushes, it is inevitable to make a comparison with traditional manual toothbrushes. The relationship between the two is similar to that between an electric screwdriver and a regular screwdriver. One needs to be held without moving, and the other needs to be turned constantly. The advantage of electric toothbrush is not only saving effort, another biggest advantage, is clean brush.

This involves the operation principle of electric toothbrush, which is the type of toothbrush we can see on the market at present. We distinguish electric toothbrushes according to the vibration mode. At present, there are mainly three kinds. 1. Rotary vibration: the most traditional type of electric toothbrush relies on the drive shaft to drive the brush head to rotate in a circle and clean teeth with friction force. 2. Sonic vibration type: motor drives the brush head to produce high speed reciprocating vibration up to acoustic frequency level, and high speed is generated at the top of the bristles to drive water flow and air bubbles to produce flow impact and clean teeth. Type 3.3D (rotation + acoustic wave) : when the electric toothbrush brush head rotates in a circle, it generates high-speed reciprocating vibration along the directions of up, down, left, right, front and back, which is actually the acoustic mechanical hybrid type officially explained. In fact, electric toothbrush compared to here, according to my habit is over. It's not what I'm used to comparing vibration and battery life. Since everyone is almost on the same level, it's pointless to obsess over whether he got a 99 or a 100. What I want to share with you is only the function points and creative design of electric toothbrush that perfectly hit me, not a list of selling points like PPT.

Some people used an electric toothbrush is thrown away no longer used, some people used an electric toothbrush is fondled, why? Because he couldn't find his own electric toothbrush! The electric toothbrush brand on current market is very much, model is more dazzling, want to choose can let oneself fondle admiringly electric toothbrush, it is certain difficult. However, according to my years of experience in electric toothbrush purchase, I have helped a lot of friends to choose a favorite electric toothbrush. At present, the market of various brands of cost-effective models, I can recite the relevant number, first to show you my family electric toothbrush group photo.

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