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What are some useful electric toothbrushes?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-15      Origin: Site

There are many electric toothbrush brands on the market now, but different people have different use habits and tooth status, and their evaluation of toothbrushes is also very different. The following are recommended, which can be said to have a relatively good reputation and high cost performance. In the same words, what suits you is the best.

Packaging atmosphere grade, electric toothbrush color is very durable, it is retro green, brush handle material feels comfortable, similar to the material of imitation leather, is the artistic decoration of the wash hand table. The cleaning ability is good, and the brush is soft. Those who are used to using soft hair can choose it. If they have not used an electric toothbrush before, they can choose soft bristles. Because of the soft bristles, I used to use its polishing mode, which is more effective for brushing teeth. High appearance level, 5 cleaning modes, inductive charging, the pursuit of high quality friends make it. The red packaging design is very simple, the body is made of plastic material, the electric toothbrush as a whole is light, the material or the texture of the people have a cheap sense. The bristles are hard and the cleaning ability is good. If you like to brush your teeth hard, this brush is quite strong. Gingiva is swollen, the tooth is more sensitive period recommends to change soft hair soft hard moderate. 5 kinds of cleaning mode, inductive charging, the whole without what slot point, there are not too many bright spots, suitable for the electric toothbrush does not require too high friends.

Characteristics in terms of (1) from the cleanliness, electric toothbrush better cleaning effect, effectively will attach enough clear out most of the residue at the top of the teeth, because the electric toothbrush can automatically change area, manual brushing can only remove part of the dirt, some corner cleaning does not reach the designated position, so by comparison, electric toothbrush clean power stronger. , manual brushing your teeth is very difficult to tell from the efficiency of control, causing some attached to the residue of food from the teeth cleaning is not down, if it is to use an electric toothbrush can very good control, through the high frequency vibration mode, can effectively remove the residue in the teeth, compared with manual brushing your teeth, electric toothbrush can thoroughly clean effectively, so it is more efficiency. 3. From the perspective of time control, for most people who do not brush their teeth properly, they cannot grasp the time well. In fact, the effective time of brushing is generally about two minutes, so only if they do not grasp the time well, they can effectively clean.

USB electric toothbrush interface and fixed wall plug can charge, no matter at home or out of the home is very convenient. In addition, the manual clearly states that the first charge needs to be full of 12 hours, the overall good, very recommended for beginners, students, affordable users to use.

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