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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush brushing compared with manual brushing

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As a dentist, I can tell you seriously, if done right: Electric toothbrush is better, you see brushing this matter, you can deceive yourself, deceive others, but can not deceive the dentist, you think clean brush, but in fact, it is not enough, brushing teeth, we need to master the correct way of brushing teeth, reasonable use of "Pap brushing method" outside the teeth: The bristles are at a 45° Angle with the teeth, and the electric toothbrush gently vibrates on the teeth in a circular arc at the junction between the gums and teeth, and brush repeatedly (the "gingival groove" between the gums and teeth should also be cleaned in place, because this is a dead Angle of hygiene, we need to pay special attention to cleaning).

The r&d investment of electric toothbrush will pay more attention to quality, so these manufacturers will pay more attention to the quality of the bristles. The current bristles are generally duPont silk bristles, which have high elasticity and round bristles. The roundness rate of the bristles should not be less than 60%, and a good electric toothbrush can achieve more than 80%. Unlike traditional sharp bristles, rounded bristles can easily damage teeth and irritate gums, resulting in tooth surface defects or sensitivities. In addition, the shape of the brush head is more suitable to the tooth surface, rather than a simple flat surface. Gear: in fact, it is different vibration frequency difference, this is a test of the movement of electric toothbrush, good movement is often the greater the difference between each gear. The current design is more humanized, and the strength is generally divided into three modes, strong and weak, and some have five modes, which can correspond to the needs of different tooth conditions. Battery life: The battery life of electric toothbrush can last two or three months. It's not that important, but the longer the battery life, the better the experience. I would recommend longer battery life for the same performance. Appearance Level: I really didn't think the appearance of a electric toothbrush was that important. In recent years, I have met many parents who said that children would like to brush their teeth because of the shape of the toothbrush, which also changed me a lot. Therefore, for those students who have not used electric toothbrush, I recommend to choose an electric toothbrush suitable for beginners.

No matter what kind of toothbrush is used, it must be replaced in three months. Compared with ordinary manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush only needs to be replaced with brush head, which is more environmentally friendly and does not waste students with braces. The replaced brush head can also be used to clean braces, and disinfection can be done. It's like brushing your teeth manually for two hours.Of course, the electric toothbrush is just a tool and cannot be relied on too much. The method is the most important. Ordinary manual toothbrush can also achieve very good results.

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