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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush?


Chinese people now pay more and more attention to oral cleaning and maintenance, which also makes electric toothbrush increasingly popular. However, I have found that most people are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush. They just blindly follow the trend and buy some influencer brands and crossover brands. As a result, many people injure their teeth every year by using unprofessional sonic toothbrush . As far as the average person is concerned, due to the generally poor quality of dentin in the country, the dental health rate is less than 1%, and almost everyone has dental disease. However, traditional cleaning tools cannot adapt to the complex oral environment of the mouth. Therefore, most professional dentists recommend using an sonic toothbrush  to clean your mouth.
Today, I will share with you this article about toothbrushes electric, including the disadvantages and advantages of tooth damage. You can use toothbrushes electric on the basis of a thorough understanding of the pros and cons, otherwise you can easily buy unprofessional products from big name influencers, which will cause tooth damage. If you are not familiar with electric tooth brush, please join me to learn its advantages and disadvantages!


1. Five advantages of electric tooth brush

sonic electric toothbrush have advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at its advantages first. As we all know, the development of oral care awareness among Chinese people started relatively late. The point is that the basic quality of our teeth is not good. The overall dental health rate is less than 1% (as shown below). Traditional tooth cleaning tools such as manual toothbrushes are difficult to adapt to the complex oral environment. Therefore, most professional dentists recommend that you use an sonic electric toothbrush to clean your mouth. After all, kids electric toothbrush are much better than manual ones.


The main advantages of kids electric toothbrush are as follows:


Advantage 1. electronic toothbrush have a better cleaning effect and can effectively prevent and improve dental diseases.
electronic toothbrush clean much better than manual toothbrushes. It can also effectively and comprehensively clean and remove the stubborn dental plaque in the areas with high incidence of dental diseases such as between the teeth, the roots of the teeth, the gingival groove and the back of the teeth, so as to prevent and improve dental diseases. The electric toothbrush manufacturer can also achieve efficient cleaning and better prevent and improve dental diseases.


Advantage 2, electric toothbrush manufacturer cleaning power is stable


The electric toothbrush factory has a uniform and stable vibration frequency, and the cleaning power can be precisely controlled. Manual toothbrushes are heavy and light, and there is already a problem with the light brush not being clean, which can lead to plaque growth and serious tooth damage.


Advantage 3. electric toothbrush factory can whiten teeth

Adhere to the use of sonic toothbrush manufacturer, you can gradually remove the stubborn coffee stains attached to the surface of the teeth, tea stains, etc., make your teeth whiter, because the sonic toothbrush manufacturer can remove stubborn tartar and stains, so that the teeth return to the original white, so that the teeth become whiter!


Advantage 4: Freshening your breath is better


sonic toothbrush factory can effectively remove stubborn tartar and food debris in the mouth, effectively reduce bad breath, and make breath fresher!


Advantage 5. sonic toothbrush factory can clean teeth quickly, saving time and effort
Using an electric toothbrush wholesale saves time and effort, and can achieve efficient cleaning in two minutes, but using a manual toothbrush for ten minutes can not achieve the ideal cleaning effect. What's more, most people brush their teeth in a hurry and do it less effectively.


2. Beware of the six drawbacks of electric toothbrush wholesale


What are the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush wholesale? The advantages of sonic toothbrush wholesale need to be known, but the disadvantages can not be ignored. In order to let you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush agency, let's analyze the disadvantages of electric toothbrush agency. What are the disadvantages of sonic toothbrush agency? The answer is, there are disadvantages to hurting your teeth!

According to the survey statistics, most people in China suffer from dental disease, accounting for 90%. In the early stages of dental disease, there are no symptoms and it is not easy for us to detect. Many people think their gums are healthy. Blindly follow the trend of buying sonic toothbrush agency, it is easier to choose inappropriate inferior products, resulting in serious tooth damage.


The disadvantages of electric toothbrush dealer are as follows:


Disadvantage 1. Enamel destruction. electric toothbrush dealer work by using friction generated by high-frequency vibrations to clean teeth. If the sonic toothbrush dealer is chosen or used improperly, it can cause excessive tooth friction, wear down the tooth enamel, and cause bleeding gums, toothache and other problems.
Disadvantage 2, exacerbates basic dental problems. Oral problems are common among Chinese people. If the sonic toothbrush dealer is not used scientifically and reasonably, it may lead to the aggravation of dental underlying diseases, such as tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral problems.


Weakness No. 3. Latent chronic tooth damage. If you use an inappropriate electric toothbrush trader for a long time, it may also cause chronic damage to your teeth. It won't be detected for months or years. When discovered, it often causes irreversible consequences such as tooth sensitivity and receding gums.


3. Remind businesses of the four ways to make money

These are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush trader. In recent years, the sonic toothbrush trader market is chaotic, and various money-making routines of businesses are common, leading to many users stepping on thunder. Here are four common routines. Be careful when buying products.


1. Buy certificates to pretend the product is professional


Many unprofessional brands will pay for and fake so-called qualifications and certificates, pretending that their products are gum and tooth protection products. Especially influencer brands and big crossover brands like to do this, because they don't have enough experience in oral care and don't have professional skills, So they spend money on publicity stunts to deceive users, but the quality of the products is often unreliable and the rate of tooth breakage is high. We need to choose carefully!


2. Consumable routines


Nowadays, there are many low-cost sonic toothbrush trader, and even one can only cost tens of dollars. Many users mistakenly think that the cost is high, in fact, it is inferior materials, or subsequent purchases have routines. For example, some electric toothbrush company are very cheap, but the price of replacing the brush head is very expensive. Merchants can make more money by selling brush heads. For example, many international brands and Internet celebrity brands cost up to 200 yuan per year to replace the brush head, which is especially deceptive.

3. Hire celebrities to endorse your brand


Internet celebrity brand electric toothbrush company are generally not very comfortable to use. The cost is only a few tens of dollars, but the price is as high as three or four hundred yuan. Without their own professional technology, they can rely on a large number of advertising, celebrity endorsement, network celebrities with goods and other publicity methods. Internet celebrity brands and crossover celebrities in the field of sonic toothbrush company like to invite some popular artists and traffic stars to endorse their brands. The aim is to get fans to pay for their idols' endorsements. Endorsement sales have soared. Coupled with the good-looking product design, it has attracted a large number of beautiful women and celebrity fans to buy, but this sonic toothbrush company is of low quality and has a high rate of tooth damage. Don't endanger your oral health on the spur of the moment.
4. Slide the list


The brush list is a common method used by many electric toothbrush supplier on the head. The methods are mostly live broadcasts, advertisements, etc., just to make electric toothbrush supplier look popular.


And these sonic toothbrush supplier brands, which have always liked to make money, will also promote their products not to hurt teeth in order to cover up their dental damage. Faced with this situation, it is really difficult for consumers to tell which is true gum and tooth protection.


5. Inexpensive sonic toothbrush supplier


Don't use electric toothbrush vendor that are too cheap. They usually have a high rate of tooth damage. Many people complain about their cleaning ability, battery life and noise.


6. An electric toothbrush vendor with a high vibration frequency


Many brands advertise their electric toothbrush vendor as having a high vibration frequency, some as high as 40,000 to 50,000! However, the vibration frequency is only one of the factors that affect the cleaning power of the sonic toothbrush vendor, but the high vibration frequency of the sonic toothbrush vendor does not mean that the cleaning power is good, and it is not good for the teeth. In fact, almost no electric toothbrush bulk with excessive vibration frequency has the corresponding gum and tooth protection technology to escort it, and the tooth damage rate of this product is particularly high!


4. The most comprehensive summary of electric toothbrush bulk buying strategy


We have carried out a detailed science popularization around the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush bulk. How can we avoid the disadvantages in actual use? To do this, we must solve the problem of poor choice of sonic toothbrush bulk. Here is a summary of the most comprehensive strategies for buying an sonic toothbrush bulk that will hopefully help you stay away from inferior sonic toothbrush wholesale.


1. Buy professional brands


Professional brands will spend a lot of time and money on in-depth research into the expertise of sonic toothbrush wholesale, And will fully adjust and optimize more than 100 core parameters of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer, such as crowd compatibility, swing Angle, mouth guard experience. The tooth damage rate of the product is 300% lower than that of non-professional brands


2. Sonic sonic toothbrush manufacturer is recommended


Mainstream electronic toothbrush can be divided into two types: rotary and sonic. A rotary electronic toothbrush is not recommended. Although it has great cleaning power, it can easily wear down teeth and irritate gums. Sonic sonic toothbrush factory also has good cleaning power, not much worse than the rotary type, but the degree of protection of gums and teeth is higher, and it is more suitable for Chinese people with poor oral tolerance.


3. After-sales service in place

It is recommended that you buy an sonic toothbrush factory brand, the trial period is 7 days, and the cost of replacing the brush head is reasonable. For example, a return and exchange within 7 days for no reason is very useful. It allows us to try the electric toothbrush trader first and then decide whether to keep it or not.


4. Buy products with perfect compatibility


Compatible electric toothbrush trader can meet the complex and changing oral care needs of Chinese people. electric toothbrush trader with good compatibility generally have the characteristics of multiple gears, large vibration frequency span, and rich types of brush heads. For example, the vibration frequency range of an toothbrushes electric needs to be wide enough to provide a more suitable cleaning force to the user.
5. Magnetic levitation motor is preferred


Magnetic levitation motor and coreless motor are the two basic types of toothbrushes electric motors. You'd better choose products equipped with magnetic levitation motors. This type of motor has stronger performance, more stable running speed and better brushing experience. The coreless motor is not stable, and the vibration frequency fluctuates from high to low. It is easy to damage teeth when using.


6. Choose an sonic electric toothbrush with good bristles


The rounding rate, softness and flocking rate of the bristles will affect the quality of the brush head. For example, if the bristles are soft or hard, you're better off choosing a medium to soft bristle ground. If the bristle material is very hard, it is easy to wear the teeth. If the bristle material is too soft, the bristle toughness is not enough to ensure cleaning power.

The advantages and disadvantages of sonic electric toothbrush end here. I believe that by now everyone understands that the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush depend on how you choose the product. Therefore, I hope that you will focus on keeping in mind the purchasing strategy we have given and choose a high-quality electric toothbrush that is right for you in the market.


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