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What are the advantages of an electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushbrushing compared with manual brushing?This problem, I believe should be everyone when buying toothbrush, will be faced with the problem.When I encountered this problem, it was because my gums were always bleeding for a period of time. Sometimes it was like this. It seemed that only when something went wrong would I think of changing.

Electric toothbrush is only in recent years began to slowly popularize in China, belongs to the intelligent small household appliances products, many families have not, as a trend, with some technological, intelligent properties, moderate price, can be used as gifts in various festivals to send friends and family.Domestic and foreign mainstream brands of electric toothbrush, there is no lack of quality sense of senior, beautiful design models, gifts to choose some quality sense of senior electric toothbrush, very face, and relatively trendy, take hand.This electric toothbrush, for example, is great for personal use, but it's also perfect as a gift for friends and family.

And manual toothbrush, do not have this gift attribute, have not seen the manual toothbrush as a gift, right?

What are the disadvantages of an electric toothbrush compared to a manual toothbrush?The disadvantages of electric toothbrush are also brought by the advantages. It can be said that the speed of electric toothbrush is a double-edged sword.The right electric toothbrush can make the teeth clean twice with half the effort, the wrong electric toothbrush can destroy the tooth this thing to do twice with half the effort.

Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes wear more enamel than manual toothbrushes.Therefore, electric toothbrush must choose suitable for their own teeth, must be used correctly, rational use.Which reliable high cost electric toothbrush can choose?As a senior patient with various dental diseases, I have used more than 20 electric toothbrushes, and I have a lot of experience. The picture below is just a few of the ones I used recently, and the ones I used before were put away to prevent cockroaches from crawling.

But an electric toothbrush can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, prevent gum atrophy as a result, an electric toothbrush is very suitable for help people clean teeth with tooth decay and bad breath or cavities in the food scraps, bacteria and tartar, the crowd of healthy teeth, of course, is also very suitable for use, high cleaning ability can greatly reduce the possibility of dental disease occurs.

Electric toothbrush at work will have the sound of vibration, this is called their noise, but the noise is also small and large, we choose the time, of course, the smaller the better, in use will not be noisy to be people will not affect their own.

The longer the battery life of the electric toothbrush, the better, so that you don't have to charge every three or five times. The battery life of the electric toothbrush can be charged for a long time.

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