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What are the aspects of choosing an electric toothbrush?

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The core components of electric toothbrush are motor, brush head and battery. (1) The reason why the motor electric toothbrush is lazy is that the high-speed vibration or rotation of the brush head "liberates" our hands. The motor is behind the high-speed movement of the brush head in the outside scenery. Motors on the market are mainly divided into 2 categories, eccentric motor and magnetic levitation motor, eccentric motor is suitable for low-end electric toothbrush, magnetic levitation motor is suitable for high-end electric toothbrush. Eccentric motor is a more conventional motor, middle and high school physics has learned the principle of this aspect, the electric wire in the magnetic field by the force, if you forget, when I did not say, anyway, this thing is very cheap, 10 or 20 dollars have. The rotor drives the shaft, and friction naturally occurs at the contact point, which not only consumes energy and reduces the vibration frequency transmitted to the electric toothbrush brush head, but also makes a lot of noise. Magnetic levitation motor, the name is very noble, physical components do not directly contact, but suspended state, not only reduce the friction output power is high and very quiet, the opponent's vibration is small, many benefits, the disadvantage is expensive. (2) brush head do you think it is electric toothbrush that has a brush head and looks the same? That is you don't know brush head, let's look at the past life of brush head. In the 18th century, the bristles of electric toothbrush were mainly animal bristles, which were similar to our bristles today, but animal bristles were soft, easily distorted, and the brush was not clean and was very tied. And animal bristles easy to fall off, often brush their own mouth hair; The most important thing is that animal bristles absorb water and become sticky, mouldy and bacteria-infested. Until the United States DuPont company invented nylon material duPont soft brush head, not only good flexibility, moderate hardness, and easy to dry hydrophobic. Greatly improve the comfort of electric toothbrush. Brush quality depends on brush material, planting density, grinding rate of three parameters, endure the last group of parameters.

Brush wool material: at present, most electric toothbrush brush head on the market uses Dupont soft hair, and the brush head of Germany, Japan, and of course do not know the brand of nylon, plastic material. The bristles are directly inserted into our mouth. Some unknown bristles who knows what chemical products they are, please carefully choose the electric toothbrush bristles that meet the national standards. Plant density: it is the number of bristles. The more dense the bristles are per unit area, the more the number of bristles is, the larger the area that can cover the teeth. Of course, the cleaning effect is better, and the more effort is saved. Roundness rate: the roundness rate of the electric toothbrush has a crucial influence on the protection of the gingival. The roundness rate is generally invisible to the naked eye. Under the microscope of 100 times, it can be obviously seen whether the tip of the brush head is neat and round.

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