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What are the dangers of using electric toothbrushes regularly?

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Is it true that many media and brand manufacturers preach that electric toothbrushes are absolutely safe and harmless?As a dentist, I deal with a lot of patients, many of whom are injured by electric toothbrushes.So the essence of electric toothbrush is not absolutely safe without harm, this is must remind everyone!Especially in recent years, electric toothbrush is very popular, and even once became the Internet red level explosion, but you know what?The rate of tooth injuries with electric toothbrushes has also skyrocketed in recent years.What are the dangers of electric toothbrushes?What's the reason why dentists don't recommend electric toothbrushes?

Let's start with the first question, why don't dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes?

Many people on the Internet have explained that dentists do not recommend using electric toothbrushes.Is it really so?I don't think so. As a dentist, I always tell my patients some questions when they ask about electric toothbrushes.

The first problem is that not all people can use electric toothbrush, at least I do not recommend the following people to use electric toothbrush, because there will be harm caused by electric toothbrush.

Who are some people for whom dentists do not recommend using electric toothbrushes?What is the reason behind it?

Aren't electric toothbrushes perfectly safe after extensive testing?Why can there be the harm of injured teeth?In fact, my long-term use and observation are mainly caused by the following reasons.

The first reason is that most Chinese people have poor dental quality and many dental problems. More than 90% of people have dental problems (as shown in the picture below).However, they buy and use electric toothbrushes at will. Many people even think their teeth are very healthy, and blindly pursue fast whitening and super vibration products.

In fact, IN many popular science articles, I have always emphasized that electric toothbrush has certain safety problems, not necessarily that there are any problems or disadvantages of electric toothbrush itself.It really depends on how you buy it and how you use it, and how healthy are your teeth?If a user has severe periodontitis, but blindly buys a powerful electric toothbrush with hard bristles, I can guarantee that I will bleed every time I brush my teeth!And can aggravate periodontitis.

Therefore, whether electric toothbrush is safe depends entirely on users' knowledge of their teeth and their understanding of electric toothbrush.Is it necessary to buy an electric toothbrush?I don't think it's worth discussing. Many media and dentists encourage people to use electric toothbrushes. Why?We can look at the dental health of our people to know.

Which electric toothbrush brands don't recommend, and which ones to try?

First of all, it is not recommended to buy low-cost electric toothbrush, the quality is worrying, unstable vibration will give teeth a lot of damage and wear!Other international brands of electric toothbrush is the international standard, the cleaning force will be relatively strong, some simply can not mouth, so we must pay attention to the cleaning force is too strong to wear enamel and gums, causing irreversible damage!

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