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What are the disadvantages of using an electric toothbrush?

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What are the disadvantages of using an electric toothbrush?


I found a big gap in Chinese understanding of electric toothbrush. Some friends think that sonic toothbrush  are very useful and can improve oral health. Some people think sonic toothbrush  are a tax on intelligence. After using an toothbrushes electric, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, and receding gums can lead to dental problems. How about an toothbrushes electric? In order to let everyone understand the electric tooth brush more accurately, away from the shortcomings and risks of electric tooth brush, today I will use this article to popularize the dangers and benefits of sonic electric toothbrush, and share ways to avoid the dangers of sonic electric toothbrush. Friends who are interested in kids electric toothbrush should not miss out!
1. Three hazards of using kids electric toothbrush!


The dangers and benefits of electronic toothbrush, let's take a look at the dangers of electronic toothbrush! In fact, under normal circumstances, a professional high-quality electric toothbrush manufacturer is beneficial and harmless, but there are many low-quality electric toothbrush manufacturer on the market, and the oral health of the Chinese people is not very good. Ninety-seven percent of people have dental disease, and dental disease is early. In the medium term, it will not be painful or itchy. Many people are unable to correctly judge the condition of their mouth. They don't pay much attention when buying electric toothbrush factory. They often follow suit and buy influencer brands and crossover brands. In this case, it is easy to buy an unprofessional toothbrush. High-quality, inferior electric toothbrush factory, its harm is bound to occur.

The harm of sonic toothbrush manufacturer mainly has the following situations:


Hazard 1: Poor quality sonic toothbrush manufacturer bristles are sharp, vibration frequency is unstable, tooth enamel wear is serious, gums have scratches, easy to lead to gum bleeding, inflammation, tooth sensitivity, toothache and other problems.


Harm 2: Dental disease is very common in our country, unprofessional sonic toothbrush factory will stimulate the affected area, resulting in accelerated deterioration of dental disease.


Harm 3: Long-term use of inferior sonic toothbrush factory can cause chronic tooth damage. This kind of damage has the characteristic of strong concealment. At first, there was no strong sense of discomfort. Atrophy, loose teeth and other irreversible oral problems!
2. What are the benefits of an electric toothbrush wholesale?


The dangers and benefits of electric toothbrush wholesale are science fiction. After seeing the harm of inferior sonic toothbrush wholesale, let's take a look at the benefits of sonic toothbrush wholesale. At present, the oral health of the Chinese people is at stake. More than 90 percent have periodontal disease. Faced with the complex and changing oral environment of the Chinese people, a single traditional cleaning tool such as a manual toothbrush cannot meet the oral care needs of the Chinese people. As a result, there are more professional dentists. Chinese people are advised to use electric toothbrush agency to clean their teeth, which can bring more benefits to oral health.


The benefits of electric toothbrush agency can be summarized as follows:

Advantage 1: The sonic toothbrush agency has a strong cleaning power, which can prevent and improve oral problems


In terms of cleaning power, sonic toothbrush agency are dozens of times better than manual toothbrushes. In areas with high incidence of dental diseases, such as gum line, interdental space, back of teeth, wisdom teeth and other parts that are difficult to clean with manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush dealer can be used to clean in place. Dental plaque is wantonly growing, which has excellent prevention and improvement effect on dental diseases.


Advantage 2: electric toothbrush dealer saves time and effort


sonic toothbrush dealer usually take only two or three minutes to clean teeth, while manual toothbrushes are relatively less efficient. It takes at least ten minutes to achieve a similar cleaning effect. sonic toothbrush dealer save a lot of time and energy. More suitable for student parties and office workers.
Benefit 3: electric toothbrush trader can whiten teeth and remove bad breath


Stubborn tooth stains deposited on the surface of the teeth, such as coffee stains, tea stains, smoke stains, etc., are difficult to remove with a manual toothbrush, but an electric toothbrush trader can be gradually cleaned, and an sonic toothbrush trader can also completely remove food debris in the mouth. Long-term use of sonic toothbrush trader can be a good way to whiten teeth and freshen breath.


Bonus # 4: Ability to massage your gums


Using an electric toothbrush company can massage the gums, promote the self-healing of the gum tissue, help everyone prevent gum recession, and clean the gap between the orthodontist and the tooth, which is perfect for the orthodontist.


Advantage five: The cleaning power of the electric toothbrush company is accurate and stable

The vibration frequency of the sonic toothbrush company is uniform and stable, and the brushing force can be accurately controlled, while the manual toothbrush relies on the user's subjective thinking to control the strength, which is not very accurate and stable, and often has a strong force to hurt the teeth or a very weak force to clean the toothbrush.


3. Be sure to stay away from these four IQ tax products


The dangers and benefits of sonic toothbrush company are science fiction. See here, everyone has understood the dangers and benefits of electric toothbrush supplier. The benefits of nature need not be said much, but for its harm, we must carefully find out the cause and pay attention to avoid. The harm of these electric toothbrush supplier is often caused by the use of inferior sonic toothbrush supplier. Regarding this conclusion, we can also draw from the data analysis chart of the reasons for the damage of sonic toothbrush supplier. In the electric toothbrush industry, goods with damaged teeth are often concentrated in the following four categories of IQ tax products, so be sure to stay away when buying.


1. Ultra-high vibration frequency electric toothbrush


Today, many electric toothbrush vendor use high vibration frequency as a promotional selling point, but high vibration frequency and strong cleaning power do not equate. Vibration frequency is only one of the factors that affect the cleaning power of an electric toothbrush vendor. In fact, these high-vibration sonic toothbrush vendor, due to the lack of gum and tooth protection technology, shake too much, more than the teeth and gums can withstand, often causing dental problems.

2. Cheap sonic toothbrush vendor


Don't buy cheap, low-quality electric toothbrush bulk. The material used in this electric toothbrush bulk is of very low quality. In general, hollow cup motors and unrounded bristles are used to make sonic toothbrush bulk. The cleaning performance of these low-cost products is very good, and the tooth protection, working noise and battery life are not very good. When brushing teeth, it is easy to cause toothache, gum bleeding, and aggravate dental diseases.


3. Internet celebrity products


Nowadays, there are many influencer brands of sonic toothbrush bulk that do a great job of marketing and publicity, but they are actually IQ taxes. The average production cost is only a few tens of dollars, but they can sell for hundreds of dollars. electric toothbrush do not provide adequate gum protection. The low cost also leads to many quality problems with electric toothbrush, which can easily damage teeth when used.
4. Cross-border brands


With the explosion of electric toothbrush, many brands began to enter the industry. However, these brands have only been in the industry for a year or two. They have no prior experience with oral care products, let alone the various expertise related to electric toothbrush. Most of them will work hard on specific requirements like battery life, product appearance, and water resistance, but they barely make the most of the hundreds of core parameters of an electric toothbrush, such as gum protection experience, swing Angle, and vibration frequency range. For a passing grade, this product has a very high rate of tooth damage!


Four to eight strategies to help you choose a high-quality electric toothbrush


The dangers and benefits of electric toothbrush. After looking at the hazards and benefits of electric toothbrush, you should also realize that professional quality sonic toothbrush trader have many benefits, while non-professional sonic toothbrush trader

Strategy 2. Choose a professional and strong brand


Professional sonic toothbrush trader brands will carry out accurate compatibility matching according to the oral environment of Chinese people, and will repeatedly carry out more than 100 core parameters of electric toothbrush company such as gum protection, swing Angle, vibration frequency range, and crowd compatibility matching. After many adjustments and optimizations, the tooth damage rate is three times lower than non-professional brands!


Strategy 3. Buy brands with long battery life


Everyone should choose a model with a battery life of more than a month. If the battery quality of the electric toothbrush company is too poor, the battery life is too short, the user needs to often charge the electric toothbrush company, and the service life of the battery will be reduced.
Strategy 4. sonic toothbrush company compatibility should be strong enough


It is recommended that you buy a wide vibration frequency span, rich gear, brush head variety of styles. Only this highly compatible sonic toothbrush company can cope with the various changes in the oral environment. For example, more than four gears are needed to meet the oral cleaning needs in different life scenarios.


Strategy 5. Choose products with quality brush heads


The quality of the electric toothbrush supplier head is related to the size of the brush head, the rounding rate of the bristles and the hardness of the brush head. For example, the higher the roundness of the brush, the higher the roundness value, and the smoother the bristle tip, the better the protection of the teeth and gums. If the bristles are less than 80% rounded, the bristles will be very sharp and easily hurt the teeth.


Strategy 6. Low-priced products are not available


Cheap electric toothbrush supplier usually use low-quality motors (coreless motors or low-quality magnetic levitation motors); The bristles are rough and sharp, and this electric toothbrush supplier not only has poor cleaning effect, but also easily hurts the teeth, resulting in bleeding gums, toothache, tooth deterioration and other problems.


Strategy 7. It's best to buy an electric toothbrush dealer with a magnetic levitation motor

Magnetic levitation motor and coreless motor are the two most common motors for electric toothbrush dealer. Between the two, you prefer to buy products equipped with magnetic levitation motors, because these motors generally have stronger performance, more stable operating speed, swing, less noise, and a better overall brushing experience. The quality of the coreless motor is average. Its vibration frequency fluctuates from high to low, and it is easy to damage teeth.


Strategy 8. Buy brands with good after-sales service


Should also pay attention to the after-sales service of sonic toothbrush factory. It is recommended that you choose those sonic toothbrush factory brands that can be returned within 7 days for no reason, and the replacement cost of the brush head is cheap. For example, the 7-day no-reason Returns service is very useful, allowing consumers to try it out before deciding whether to keep it, effectively reducing trial and error costs.


These are the dangers and benefits of sonic toothbrush factory. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the sonic toothbrush company after reading it. If you want to give full play to the advantages of sonic toothbrush company and stay away from the dangers of sonic toothbrush company, you need to carefully study the eight purchase strategies of electric toothbrush vendor, and use high-quality electric toothbrush vendor with professional and technical strength, rather than blindly following the so-called net celebrity products.


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