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What are the matters needing attention in the purchase of electric toothbrush?

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What are the matters needing attention in the purchase of electric toothbrush?Frist,after all, electric toothbrush is an intelligent daily necessities, its technology is more cutting-edge, advanced, quality and technological cost are not low, so the low price of cheap electric toothbrush is not reliable, poor use experience.

Second,the use environment of electric toothbrush is generally a bathroom or bathroom, such scenes are relatively wet, so the waterproof level of electric toothbrush must be high,IPX5 level above the best, not only convenient cleaning, but also not afraid of water leakage, the service life is relatively longer.

Third,electric toothbrushes are powered by built-in batteries, and easy to charge electric toothbrushes are not only easy to use, but also easy to carry out, such as wireless induction charging is very good. In addition, in the battery life, it is best to charge a battery life for more than half a month, without frequent charging more worry.

Fourth, the brush head of electric toothbrush is to be replaced regularly, so when you buy, you can focus on whether there is a replacement brush head, to ensure the use of electric toothbrush hygiene.

In terms of category, electric toothbrushes are mainly rotary and vibration (acoustic) two kinds. But the rotating type because of the strong friction, the tooth enamel wear is larger, and the noise is relatively large, and the gap between the teeth cleaning is not enough, now has basically faded out of the market, the current mainstream purchase is basically sonic electric toothbrush. The advantage of sonic electric toothbrush is that the bristles swing 24,800-30,800 times per minute, which is the best scientific frequency of oscillation. It can clean the teeth thoroughly. The soft and elastic bristles do no harm to the teeth at all, and massage the gums to eliminate the discomfort of the gums and make the teeth stronger.

In terms of brush heads, electric toothbrushes have different shapes, but the shape of the brush head does not affect the effect of brushing, but the size of the brush head has a more direct relationship with the effect of brushing. Brush head small toothbrush, can clean to the tongue of the back teeth and lower teeth of the "health dead Angle", so we should generally choose a small head many bundles of toothbrushes. But this does not mean that the smaller the brush head, the better, the size of the brush head should be matched with the shape and size of the mouth, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the mouth.

What harm does electric toothbrush have malpractice problem? It's really focused on the problems and risks of tooth damage. Avoiding the harmful effects of electric toothbrushes can be as simple as spending a little more time knowing your own teeth and finding the right product.

Electric toothbrush to belong to a product, and to protect a product of the key point lies in the private ordering, suit the remedy to the case, each user's problem is suitable for different products (brush) and nursing way, so never conformity, in many cases, your friend suitable products and methods of use, not for you, Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the right products and brushing methods for their own, of course, the premise is that their teeth are relatively clear.

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