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What are the pros and cons of cordless water flosser?

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What are the pros and cons of cordless water flosser?


A floss floss (also known as a oral irrigator) is a tool that uses a jet of water or air to clean your teeth and gums. However, some users have reported adverse reactions after irrigator dental, such as bleeding gums, receding gums, and periodontitis. This has led some friends to associate irrigator dental with an IQ tax, that is, dental oral irrigator causes dental problems. In recent years, oral care has received the attention of many users, and many people have begun to choose floss, that is, dental oral irrigator, as a small helper for tooth cleaning and care. In the past two years, many people have just started to get into it, and there are still many questions about oral irrigator dental selection and use. Including that many users are not particularly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of oral irrigator dental. As a dentist, Today, Xiaobian will talk with you about the basic science of water flosser manufacturer, and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser manufacturer, as well as the people who are not suitable for use!


What are the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser factory?


Let's take a look at how floss (oral irrigator manufacturer) works: It mainly cleans the gap between the teeth and the gum line through high-frequency pulsed water, and can create a water perforation between the teeth and the tooth surface, thus deeply cleaning the blind area between the teeth and the gum. The difference between it and an electric toothbrush is that an electric toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth better, but an electric toothbrush is not as good at cleaning the gap between the teeth and the gum line, so the douche is a supplement.

Compared with traditional oral irrigator manufacturer and toothpicks, oral irrigator factory has the advantage that it is more convenient to clean the blind area of the mouth, and it will not accidentally damage the gums like water flosser wholesale. Moreover, it can clean the tooth bacteria remaining between the teeth in a more comprehensive and detailed way, which is not possible for oral irrigator wholesale! At the same time, it can also carry out overall water flow to the teeth, which can better three-dimensional cleaning of the teeth and mouth.


However, there are a lot of water flosser agency on the market, and the prices can be high and low, so choosing among the various water flosser agency can be a hassle.


Let's start with, what are the advantages of oral irrigator agency?
In fact, water flosser dealer is now so popular because of their value in cleaning teeth and gum line Spaces, as well as their ability to freshen breath instantly. The main advantages are as follows:


The first advantage: It can more effectively clean the gap between the teeth and the gum line, clean the plaque, and prevent the recurrence of oral diseases. It cleans better than oral irrigator dealer. water flosser trader can clean some of the dead corners of the mouth, such as the periodontal pocket, the space between the teeth, the gum line, the roots of the teeth and the joints between the teeth. In fact, there are a lot of bacteria and soft tissue in some hidden areas of our mouth. Toothbrush can't touch these places. These hidden areas cannot be removed directly by brushing. Over time, they can damage the health of the mouth. If it is not cleaned for a long time, plaque will grow in large numbers, causing oral diseases. oral irrigator trader uses high pressure water to clean the dead corners of the mouth, easily remove dental plaque, and prevent the occurrence of oral diseases from the root cause. It goes deep into the space of the occlocclating surface, gingival crevicular space, periodontal pocket space, interdental space, and denture bracket space, and removes bacteria, soft dirt and food residue, perfectly solving the cleaning problem of these parts. Especially for many people with irregular teeth, orthodontics, dental implants, and inconvenient teeth brushing, ordinary toothbrushes are difficult to provide the necessary cleaning in the daily process.

Second advantage: Although it is not a substitute for brushing, water flosser company is very convenient to use, as long as there is water, then there is no need for toothpaste, just gargle, no matter the occasion and the environment! Keep your teeth and mouth clean at all times! And it whitens your teeth.




The third advantage: it can provide better cleaning and care for people with special teeth. For example, many people have received dental treatment, or sudden physical injuries, orthodontics, fillings, pregnant women, toothaches, periodontitis, etc., are not suitable for use in a short time. People who brush their teeth excessively can be given the necessary cleaning care.
The fourth advantage: water flosser company can massage the gums, have a certain health care effect on the teeth and periodontal, massage the gums and avoid tooth bleeding. In addition, water flosser supplier also has a massage effect on the gums. The gentle water column it produces relaxes our gums and relieves some of the pressure on them, as well as speeding up blood circulation in the mouth to fully relieve symptoms such as bleeding teeth and toothaches. Relieve gingivitis and periodontitis. oral irrigator supplier supplier not only cleans the gums and teeth, but is also a very comfortable massage. You can't help but feel a little bit each time you use it, but this advantage can only be realized if you choose quality water flosser vendor.
In fact, many dentists also encourage everyone to water flosser vendor, as the high incidence of tooth decay and periodontitis in most of us is near the gum line and between the teeth. These areas are difficult to clean and often have high rates of dental disease. Dental instruments work well to clean these areas of your teeth.


So let's take a look at the disadvantages of oral irrigator vendor?


Improper use by beginners. Some novices still don't know how to oral irrigator vendor, and long-term wrong use can lead to tooth damage. Here, I suggest that beginners must choose soft mode. The flow of water from the nozzle should be as perpendicular to the tooth surface as possible and can move slowly along the gum line. The distance between the nozzle and the gum line is just right. As long as you use the right method to avoid the dangers of water flosser bulk. In addition, the frequency of daily use should not be too high, only once or twice a day, otherwise it will cause a lot of saliva loss.


The first drawback is discomfort. Some water flosser bulk with too strong a pulse frequency will feel sour during the cleaning process, especially when many people develop problems such as tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.


The second disadvantage: bleeding gums often occur, and the wrong method of use and frequent use may lead to repeated bleeding gums.


The third disadvantage: it may overstimulate the periodontal tissue. Periodontal tissue is relatively fragile. Too much water shock may lead to inflammation of the periodontal tissue and gum receding.

Another issue that most brand manufacturers and the media won't tell you about is that ill-fitting and ill-fitting oral irrigator bulk can cause long-term chronic damage to teeth and gums and can be difficult to spot in a short period of time. This must be noticed! You may feel that the impact of the water is quite strong without any discomfort, but after receiving a high intensity cleaning for a long time, you will find that months and years later, the teeth and gums are excessively damaged, leading to problems such as gum receding and tooth sensitivity.


Why does oral irrigator bulk vendor have such disadvantages? In fact, it's all about us. Here are some of the mistakes that I've discovered through my own observation that lead to dental injuries.
The first: Blind confidence in your teeth and gums that your teeth can withstand intense erosion. In fact, the dental health rate of the Chinese people is less than 1%, and tooth decay and periodontitis are as high as more than 90%. Dentists encourage everyone to oral irrigator supplier, but also urge everyone to choose a gentle product.


Second: the use of the wrong method, many people do not know how to use at the beginning, the excessive scouring of the same position, the high frequency of daily use will cause excessive stimulation of the teeth and gums.


3. Cheap water flosser supplier is very bad for your teeth and gums. Many cheap oral irrigator company are very bad for your teeth. At present, the price range with a good reputation is between 300 and 500 yuan.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser company? I have used so many oral irrigator trader so far, I do not recommend you buy a strong impact, water column too thin also do not recommend buying!


Who shouldn't oral irrigator trader? In fact, water flosser trader is suitable for all types of people. For the most part, almost everyone can use them. Of course, there are also the following categories of people who must be carefully selected.


The first: not recommended for people aged 10-70.
Second: It is not recommended if you have a serious dental disease, especially severe periodontitis. Try to clean and care for yourself under the guidance of a doctor.


Third: Not suitable for people with a large number of teeth loss, as well as people with severe gum recession and loose teeth.




What are the advantages and disadvantages of oral irrigator dealer? There are two main types of water flosser dealer on the market today:


One is high pressure pulse water flosser agency: It uses a pulse of high pressure water to spray high pressure water frequently in a short period of time to flush the mouth. This is the most comfortable and effective oral irrigator wholesale technique available.


One is bubble water flosser wholesale: It adds air to a high-pressure stream of water, creating an impact force from a micro-explosion of air on the surface of the teeth, cleaning the space between the teeth,
But the cleaning power of this method is relatively weak. Not the current mainstream.


Can I use oral irrigator factory every day?


oral irrigator factory can be used every day, but it is not recommended to use multiple times a day, because it is easy to damage the gums, or have a certain impact on the gums. Chinese people are used to toothpicks, while Westerners use dental oral irrigator manufacturer in addition to toothpicks to protect their teeth. It is recommended to oral irrigator manufacturer after meals, 2 to 3 times a day, to remove food residue between the teeth in a timely manner to keep the mouth fresh.




water flosser factory is not a substitute for a toothbrush


water flosser factory is suitable for washing away food debris and soft stains between teeth, and partially removing plaque on the smooth surface of teeth. However, for large areas of plaque and bacteria on the surface of the teeth, brushing will be much more efficient. The very fine flow of water against the surface of the tooth will cause uneven.


Can water flosser manufacturer replace floss?


Yes, water flosser manufacturer can use physical friction to remove plaque and food debris from between teeth, and dental oral irrigator can also use high-pulse water to clean dead spots that dental oral irrigator can't remove, such as plaque, food debris, and tartar.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of irrigator dental? The above are some of my experiences and conclusions about using electric toothbrushes in the past two years. irrigator dental is not a necessary tool for tooth cleaning, But it must be a product that will not be discarded after use. It can be used to clean hard-to-clean gaps between teeth with a toothbrush and cordless water flosser, as well as a targeted stream of water to flush deep in the gum groove, minimizing the deposition and adhesion of bacteria and giving teeth a healthier oral environment.


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