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What does a dental irrigator do?

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What is a dental oral irrigator? Dental impactor is an auxiliary tool used to clean the mouth. This is a kind of pulse current was used to clean teeth and the teeth of the tool. Often use high voltage pulse, pulse current on the cleaning effect is very important, because the cleaning effect is superior to the pulse flow pulse water. Within a certain range, the higher the pulse frequency, the better the cleaning effect. As the name suggests, floss or dental oral irrigator is a device that uses the power of water to "point" the teeth, thereby cleaning them. Stayed behind in the teeth of food residue is a rich nutritional source of bacteria, the bacteria live and work happily in the teeth, until the dark cavities in teeth. The drill's biggest feature is fast food scraps in the effectively clean teeth. Dental oral irrigator and Dental impactor, which one is better or worse? It must be admitted that, so far, the dental profession still argue about whether or not oral irrigator dental can be replaced by oral irrigator dental. Because the bacteria in between the teeth usually sticks firmly to the surface of the teeth in the form of "plaque", relatively strong mechanical friction, such as strong rubbing and flossing, can remove it. The water from the mouthwash washes away most of the food debris in the dead corners of the teeth, but it only damages and washes away a portion of the plaque on the surface of the teeth. I'm sure those of you who have oral irrigator dental have this problem: flossing your front teeth is easy, while oral irrigator dental  your back teeth linearly increases in difficulty and is easy to overlook. However, oral irrigator dental has its own advantages: easy to use! As an inter dental cleaning tool, the oral irrigator dental is superior to floss in terms of portability and ease of use because it sprays water automatically and has a slender, compact nozzle. If flossing is 90 points for plaque removal, but 60 points or less for ease of use; Conversely, a water flosser manufacturer may have just passed a functional test with a score of 60, but still score 90 or more for portability and ease of use -- making it more effective than floss at reducing bleeding gums, for example, in terms of overall cleaning (* In fact, many experiments show the same thing). Five years ago, users of dental piercings personally explained that I use water flosser manufacturer for no other reason. The main reason is that this stuff really tastes good!! Don't be surprised if you don't! Straight from the shredded meat I hid in my teeth 82 years ago! To begin with, I really don't know how to play the tooth, so I can only rely on the toothbrush to get around. At the time, I was confident that as long as I brushed well, it would be enough. I've been very diligent about practicing oral hygiene twice a day, morning and night, but will my teeth ever be clean? Although I grew up with a few cavities, it wasn't until 18 years later when I had orthodontic treatment that I doubted the idea... Gastrointestinal conditions at that time, I have been very good, but no matter how I brush my teeth and gargle, my breathing is still very heavy, when I talk to others, they can't directly to me. This is definitely not going to work. I did an Internet search and learned that the main cause of bad breath is my teeth are not clean "There is too much plaque, causing me to clean so carefully, but I still don't brush clean. What's going on here "? Later, after reading science, I realized that brushing can only reach the surface of the teeth, but not the depth between the teeth. A toothbrush alone cannot clean food and the bacteria in it. This residual food then builds up large numbers of bacteria, which then accumulate and calcify into stubborn dental plaque. Don't think this is over. Over time, these plaque problems can occur! Reproduction and metabolism not only produce unpleasant odors, but also cause food scraps to stink together (which is the cause of my bad breath). During metabolism, it also secretes acidic substances that gradually erode teeth and eventually form cavities (especially in the case of cavities on adjacent surfaces, many of which have eaten into nerves and caused pain before they are noticed, often one or two of which are damaged). Plaque that takes root near the gums is also unstable, and not only can it stimulate periodontal inflammation, it may also cause you to start losing teeth at a young age... Although this problem is troublesome, it is also easy to solve. Just brush your teeth clean to prevent bacteria from building up. As for the areas between the teeth that can't be brushed, I found a special interdental cleaning tool that can reach between the teeth. So I immediately ordered boxes of water flosser manufacturer and glued them in the bathroom every day after meals to clean my teeth, but within a month I'd given up. One after another is too much trouble! I can't even get it through the teeth in the inner groove. Later, although I replaced it with an interdental brush, I never used it once when I bought it because my teeth didn't have that much space between them... It wasn't until the end that I was able to focus on the teeth (hence the detour). This effect was also known at first and directly helped me rinse out a bunch of shredded meat and rapeseed, all the flavours... The experience was downright stinky and refreshing. By comparing the cleaning effects of a toothbrush and a water flosser manufacturer, you can see where water flosser factory are really useful. In fact, most people like me who come into contact with water flosser factory are slowly becoming aware of the misconceptions about oral cleanliness and the dangers of plaque (which also shows that knowledge related to oral health is becoming more popular in China!). "It's also because it's really useful: there are so many dead spots in the teeth that there's no other way to do it. You can only rely on the soft and hard physical property of the water running through the toothbrush to get to different places and destroy food and bacteria." . water flosser factory helps with brushing, removing plaque from the surface of your teeth and keeping them fresh. This is an auxiliary measure. 2. oral irrigator manufacturer can also remove some of the coating on the tongue, as well as some of the bacteria on the mucous membranes of the mouth, which can remove bacteria from areas where we can't brush our teeth. 3. oral irrigator manufacturer has a high-pressure water flow that massages your gums. 4. The machine is strong enough to remove areas that the toothbrush and floss can't reach. With this powerful washing effect, food debris and plaque can be completely removed from these areas, achieving the goal of cleaning teeth and preventing cavities. As people attach great importance to personal oral care, many products are gradually emerging to help us take care of our oral care. One of them is an electric oral irrigator manufacturer. Oral irrigator factory is an American medical scientist based on the toothbrush and floss defects developed a home oral cleaning device. It is a necessity for many families in Europe and America. When it first entered China, it was considered as a new oral cleaning instrument, and many people fell in love with this comfortable oral health tool. However, many friends do not have a comprehensive understanding of the oral irrigator factory, which leads to some businesses in the introduction of oral irrigator factory to domestic consumers often misleading and exaggerated. This has led many people to misunderstand the efficacy of oral irrigator factory when using them. So what is the effect and function of water flosser wholesale? Let's see. 1. water flosser wholesale work by pressurizing water through a pump body, creating ultra-fine high-pressure pulses of water 800 to 1,600 times per minute, just as a water gun can clean a car with ease. Proper water flow has long been shown to be effective in cleaning people's teeth and mouths. The cleaning effect of water flosser wholesale is mainly achieved by the impact force of high speed water jet under a certain pressure, and the cleaning effect is achieved by its own water impact force. This high-pressure pulse of water can be flushed to any part of the mouth, including the teeth and deep gums, where toothbrushes, floss and toothpicks are not easily accessible. 2. The function of the oral irrigator wholesale can remove the accumulation of food debris and harmful bacteria between the teeth that can't be reached by oral irrigator wholesale, effectively preventing tooth decay. It massages and stimulates the gums, improves blood circulation and relieves toothache. It is an effective tool for cleaning orthodontic appliances and is especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment or wearing dentures. 3. What to do with oral irrigator wholesale: Medical experts say oral irrigator wholesale is an effective cleaning method, but it can damage a lot of saliva, a very beneficial fluid in the body, so don't overuse it. Also, water flosser agency is not a substitute for a toothbrush. While it can remove areas that a toothbrush can't clean, it can't clean stubborn stains, especially for patients with calculus. 4. How to choose and buy water flosser agency ? At present, there are many agents of foreign brands in China, but there are also many fake and shoddy products, and there are all kinds of oral irrigator agency products on the market. It is best to choose an international authoritative brand to buy oral irrigator agency, so as to ensure high quality after-sales warranty service. 5. The use of a water flosser dealer is usually done after each meal for optimal tooth protection. To use, first fill the tank of water flosser dealer, then adjust it to the proper pattern, then rinse your teeth, between your teeth, and other areas with water. Most of these are plunger pumps for water guns, some manufacturers use diaphragm pumps; Some manufacturers use peristaltic pumps and air plunger pumps to achieve compressed air injection, and others use a secondary motor to drive an elastic diaphragm pump that mixes small amounts of air into a pulse injection time intermittent injection? In addition, some manufacturers have modified the nozzles to spray water in a cycle like a dishwasher, while others can add tooth cleaning powder (baking soda soluble grinding powder?) to the handle like a dishwasher. And spray (drag) solid polycarbonate floss while spraying water... For details, see: (at minimum peak pressure of 45 psi) 6.8% pure water flow and 34.5% bristle water flow; (at a minimum peak pressure of 35 pounds per square inch), the air mix pure water flow rate was 2.5% and the air mix bristles flow rate was 28.6%. Dental rinses is not a water spray? [Four types of pump (plunger pump, peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump, elastic membrane pump) and five types of nozzle (fixed nozzle, rotary nozzle, sand spray nozzle, spray line nozzle and vertical swing brush)] If you want to give a definition of water flosser dealer, it can be said that oral irrigator dealer is an oral care product. The main function of oral irrigator dealer is to clean food debris and plaque between teeth. When we use a toothbrush, we tend to achieve a certain cleanness, approximately 60-80%, but there are a lot of blind Angle is not clean. The main functions of the water flosser trader and water flosser trader are similar, mainly is the supplement to brush your teeth. The main purpose is also to clean small gaps that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush. So, after clearly understanding the role of oral irrigator trader, how do we choose and buy oral irrigator trader correctly? The function of water flosser company is very simple, and its embodiment is also very simple. Even then, however, it has the same price differences as other products. Based on the principle of market protection, the unreasonable price of product is very easy to be eliminated, so the average price often is equal to the quality, but does not rule out there may be some easy to step on the exception. Who is suitable for water flosser company? After reading the above explanation, we know that even if the use of oral irrigator company is suitable, there are still many uncertain factors of tooth damage. In order to completely avoid poor quality water flosser supplier, we must learn to choose and purchase dental impactors. How can we buy a oral irrigator supplier to avoid these risks of tooth damage? Based on my professional knowledge and many years of experience with water flosser vendor, I have summarized seven points for you. 1. Technical strength: There is a significant difference in irrigation experience between water flosser vendor with and without technical ability. For example, the tuning deviation values of hundreds of parameters such as pulse frequency stability, pressure switching sensitivity, water flow accuracy and crowd matching of brands with technical capabilities may be tens of times lower than OEM manufacturers, and manufacturers without technical strength are not willing to spend energy and cost on these "invisible parameters" to carry out in-depth research and testing. All they have to do is brainwash the user into paying attention to the pulse frequency, working on the surface parameters, and then get a bunch of Internet bloggers to carry the goods. Naturally, the resulting products cannot meet the complex national oral quality, resulting in a high rate of tooth damage! 2. Wide range of pressure: The size of pressure determines the strength of impact force, so if you want a good cleaning effect, the pressure should be very high, but it is not as good as greater pressure, because too much pressure will lead to too much impact force, resulting in tooth injury. The best range is 40 to 90 pounds per square inch. Because of the frequent and sometimes dramatic changes in our mouths, the wider the pressure range, the better. "There are many types of nozzles and good materials: most oral irrigator vendor will come with a conventional nozzle, but it's not enough. A healthier mouth might also have one or two sensitive teeth, and therefore sensitive nozzles;" ; We need to clean the tongue coating once a week, so we need to equip a tongue coating nozzle; If the periodontal pocket is often inflamed, the pocket nozzle is also needed. Needless to say, orthodontic friends need to use an orthodontic nozzle. Because of the direct contact with the mouth, it is necessary to choose a nozzle made of food grade material. 4. Pulse frequency setting should be reasonable: the higher the pulse frequency, the better. High pulse frequency is easy to cause tooth damage, low pulse frequency is easy to cause poor cleaning effect. However, the pulse frequency cannot be a single value, so it is required that the pulse frequency of most gears can be in the range of 1200-1400 r/min. 5, the diameter of the water column should be small: the finer the water column, the better the cleaning effect. However, if the diameter is too small, it will cause an unstable impact force. Therefore, the diameter of the water column is required to be within the range of 0.55-0.7mm. Large number of gear modes: The more gear modes, the better the cleaning requirements can be met, but also need to consider whether the span between the gear Settings is reasonable. 7. Good after-sales policy: When choosing water flosser, we should try to choose water flosser that can be tried and have a long warranty period.


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