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What does it mean to give an electric toothbrush on your birthday?

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Is it appropriate to send an electric toothbrush?I would like to make a quick reply, that is very appropriate, it shows the importance of your partner, and the depth of the friendship between the two of you.Electric toothbrush is a very good gift, which implies the giver's deep concern for the recipient. The gift is very practical, which can take care of the recipient's oral health every day and accompany him for a long time.In addition, electric toothbrush is also the current trend, no problem of gift, the probability of rollover is very small, there is no bad meaning, whether the gift giver or the recipient, should relax oh.That clear can send electric toothbrush, many friends want to ask me, electric toothbrush how to choose?she has written a good answer to you, in the article I will answer in detail for you.In fact, most Chinese people have dental problems, so choose electric toothbrush to wipe your eyes.Next, I will first teach you how to choose an electric toothbrush, and then do it myself to help you test and select several good electric toothbrushes.

As long as the people who have used electric toothbrush are basically late, such a good thing discovered too late!Gift suggestions can pick a high level of appearance of the electric toothbrush, such as some domestic brands of electric toothbrush, quality is also good.Electric toothbrush is popular now, of course, it is no problem to give people, but it is important to choose a suitable electric toothbrush for personal gift.Personally, I recommend an electric toothbrush. I have given it to several friends and they all like it.This brand of electric toothbrush is a fashion light luxury route, the whole machine integrated design, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, performance is not bad at 1000 yuan level of other brands of electric toothbrush.

These are all electric toothbrushes I have used before. There are quite a lot of them on display. The most important point about choosing an electric toothbrush suitable for gifts is to choose a style suitable for your partner.An online guardian has conducted an online survey of people who have been using electric toothbrushes for more than a year to compile a statistical chart of what causes tooth damage.As can be seen from the picture below, there are four main reasons for tooth injury: 1. Poor quality of electric toothbrush, poor quality of bristles, bristles are too hard.2. Vibration frequency is too strong.3. Personal dental problems, periodontitis, gingival fire, etc.4. Unscientific use of electric toothbrushes, etc.

Serious gingivitis and periodontitis res electric toothbrush, a large number of patients in the process of teeth oral diagnosis, often found in the process of electric toothbrush can lead to excessive wear of teeth enamel, leading to tooth is sensitive to pain, in addition to brush your teeth bleeding probability is one of the biggest, and most of the main causes of brushing your teeth bleeding because patients with gingivitis or periodontitis,And overcleaning, so be sure to check with your doctor before buying an electric toothbrush.

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