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What does the advantage of electric toothbrush compare with ordinary toothbrush have?

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1. Electric toothbrush brushing cleaner!The most important purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque and freshen your breath.But in real life, most people have a hard time sticking to the correct brushing regimen.The mainstream electric toothbrush on the market can reach 20,000 ~ 40,000 times/minute vibration frequency, manual toothbrush is only 220 times/minute, the cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush is more than 100 times more than manual brushing.

2. Enough time!To actually clean your teeth, you have to brush for more than two minutes at a time.But manual toothbrush is not a timing function, general electric toothbrush have 2 minutes timing function and 30s to change the area reminder, so the brushing time on electric toothbrush also has a great advantage!

1. It can effectively correct all kinds of incorrect brushing problems, such as the time is not in place, the brushing is not in the right area, and the bristles are too hard to cause gingival bleeding.2, save time, do not need to hurry to find a toothbrush in the morning to squeeze the toothpaste, also do not know how long they brush over, will cause a sense of hurry.The electric toothbrush has a timing function. Squeeze the toothpaste, open it, put it in your mouth and brush directly.3, cleanliness is strong, not ordinary toothbrush can achieve the cleaning effect, can deep clean to our teeth in the junk food, slow down gingival inflammation, bleeding, yellow teeth and other problems.4, reduce gum damage, because the power of the electric toothbrush is fixed, you only need to move the toothbrush when using, at the same time, most electric toothbrushes also support the adjustment of the brushing mode, can reduce the incidence of gingivitis and gum bleeding by more than half, and can make the brushing process more safe and efficient.5. Electric toothbrush can effectively reduce tooth stains caused by drinking tea, coffee and bad oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth.And the change is not immediate, but gradual as you brush your teeth every day, without causing any damage to the teeth themselves.It is recommended that you use the electric toothbrush produced by intelligent technology. The care on the market for tooth cleaning is not as good as it comes. After you buy it, you will not be damaged by the vibration generated by the electric toothbrush!

Electric toothbrushes are much cleaner than regular toothbrushes.Because the head of an electric toothbrush vibrates much faster than the frequency of manual brushing, the cleaning effect is much better.Secondly, manual brushing sometimes brush is not comprehensive, especially some teeth can not brush, electric toothbrush can also be a comprehensive clean up the material in the fine seam.There is no fixed amount of time to brush your teeth manually each time. An electric toothbrush can also solve this problem.

Electric toothbrush is not the labor-saving version of manual toothbrush. Many users have some misunderstandings about using electric toothbrush to brush their teeth. They think it is all over when they turn on the switch and put it in their mouth.

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