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What is a good electric toothbrush

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What is a good electric toothbrush


Many people want to buy an electric toothbrush for a variety of reasons, but they are concerned about the safety risks of sonic toothbrush . After all, sonic toothbrush  are used to mechanically clean teeth.


Does friction wear down teeth and gums? Does it hit teeth and cause tooth pain? In fact, discussions on the Internet about the issue have been fruitless. Although many authoritative media and institutions have verified the safety and reliability of toothbrushes electric through a large number of experiments, people's concerns about various safety hazards of toothbrushes electric have not been eliminated. As a long-time user of toothbrushes electric, I've been using them for years. I used a total of 12 electric tooth brush. Of course, some of them are inappropriate, So I returned them, some of them not returned. I know a lot about electric tooth brush. The understanding and awareness of the benefits and harms of electric tooth brush can be seen as a spectrum. Today I'm going to tell you some experiences about using sonic electric toothbrush in the past.


1. First, how does an sonic electric toothbrush work?


1. Sonic kids electric toothbrush Sonic kids electric toothbrush mainly relies on the operation of the micro motor in the toothbrush during the working process, which drives the toothbrush head to start to swing around and around at high speed. The toothbrush head will produce mechanical vibration during the movement, that is, sound waves. The acoustic wave generated by the kids electric toothbrush during use has different cleaning effects on teeth due to different frequencies. In general, the cleaning effect of a sonic toothbrush is proportional to its sonic frequency and amplitude.


2. Rotating electric toothbrush manufacturer Rotating electric toothbrush manufacturer is mainly through the operation of the internal motor of the toothbrush, driving the circular brush head to rotate. It can strengthen the rubbing effect of the toothbrush on the teeth while carrying out the ordinary toothbrush action. Compared with sonic electric toothbrush manufacturer, rotary toothbrushes are relatively cheap for toothbrushes and the working principle is relatively simple. this





2. What are the advantages and benefits of electric toothbrush factory? Is it necessary to buy an electric toothbrush factory?


In fact, any user who buys an sonic toothbrush manufacturer for the first time will have this problem, so let's take a look at a set of data about the dental health of most of us Chinese people. Why do we need to look at Chinese dental health data in the first place?
In fact, we can see from the data that the dental health of most Chinese people is not optimistic. Whether it is the rate of tooth decay, the proportion of periodontitis, etc., the overall health of the teeth is not high. There are several core reasons for the low dental quality and health of Chinese people:


1. Oral care awareness is not high, the degree of attention is not enough.


2. Lack of effective care tools, such as sonic toothbrush manufacturer. So in the past few years, a large number of authoritative media, dentists, and Internet celebrities have been frantically promoting sonic toothbrush manufacturer. The popularity of this personal care product on the Internet is mainly due to dental quality and health issues. Depending on the cost of treatment, dentistry has become the most profitable industry after ophthalmology.
Therefore, the care of teeth has become a national consciousness.


Then let's talk about the benefits of sonic toothbrush factory. In fact, the key benefit of sonic toothbrush factory has just been mentioned is to improve the daily cleaning power of teeth and effectively remove stubborn teeth.


You must know that tartar and plaque are major contributors to dental and oral problems. More specifically, what are the benefits of electric toothbrush wholesale?


1. The details are cleaned more in place, and many gaps between the teeth will have better cleaning power, because the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush wholesale and the water driven by the vibration frequency can have a gentle effect on the gaps between the teeth, and can clean fine points well.

2. In addition, the strength of sonic toothbrush wholesale is more balanced, and there are no teeth that cannot be brushed or cleaned. You must know that when we usually brush our teeth, many teeth are not clean, because many teeth are not easy to force, and even have habitual blind spots. But sonic toothbrush wholesale have a balancing force, so there are no blind spots for cleaning.


3. Time control and reminders. I think it's a very human setting. It can provide a 30-second reminder to change the zone and automatically stops after 2 minutes. It helps users establish scientific control over brushing time. It can also be lazy, so you don't have to remember where to brush every morning and how long it takes to change areas? For those who wake up early in the morning, this is good news for lazy people!
2. Test the cleaning power of manual toothbrush and sonic toothbrush wholesale


Among them, we can see that manual toothbrushes are difficult to clean small places such as tooth gaps, and tartar and plaque are easy to breed over time. Having said so much about the advantages and benefits of electric toothbrush agency, what are the hazards and precautions of electric toothbrush agency? After some experience in the past, I can roughly summarize as follows: You must pay attention!


1. Overcleaning can damage teeth. In the beginning, the electric toothbrush agency I bought vibrated more than 40,000 times. The rotary sonic toothbrush agency has a particularly strong cleaning power. At first I thought the teeth were bad, so it's better not to clean them,
I chose one with a particularly high vibration frequency. I used it three or four times, and my teeth couldn't stand it. I don't allow after-sale returns and my mouth is bloody after brushing because some people have cavities and can't stand the shock at all.


2. At the beginning, the way of brushing is not scientific, at the beginning, it can not adapt to the brushing way of sonic toothbrush agency, brushing time will be very long, even the usual casual horizontal brushing way will cause gum pain, so later changed to Pap brushing way, the effect is much better.


3. Don't believe the stunt of fast whitening, the teeth are yellow, so I bought a toothbrush that can whiten quickly, and the price is not cheap, more than 400 yuan. I brush my teeth several times a day and haven't seen any whiteness in a month, it still hurts and the teeth can't stand it anymore.

4. I can't find cheap products. I really can't buy it. Later, I felt like I used so much, I felt like there wasn't much difference. Is it similar to the tens of dollars? Big $10 signs give me a headache. The vibration is coarse and of poor quality. I can't stand it at all. sonic toothbrush agency are great value for money. For example, a cheap electric toothbrush dealer has a plastic case with marble inside, which is incredible!


5. I don't recommend using an electric toothbrush dealer during inflammation. A few times I might get angry, causing my gums to swell and my teeth to hurt a little. It's really uncomfortable to use an sonic toothbrush dealer during that time!


How to choose a good sonic toothbrush dealer for people with sensitive teeth?
1. Sonic electric toothbrush trader Sonic electric toothbrush trader mainly relies on the operation of the micro-motor in the toothbrush during the working process, which drives the toothbrush head to start to swing around and around at high speed. The toothbrush head produces mechanical vibrations, called sound waves, during movement. The acoustic wave generated by the electric toothbrush trader during use has different cleaning effects on teeth due to different frequencies. In general, the cleaning effect of a sonic toothbrush is proportional to its sonic frequency and amplitude.




2. Rotating sonic toothbrush trader Rotating sonic toothbrush trader is mainly through the operation of the internal motor of the toothbrush, driving the circular brush head to rotate. It can strengthen the rubbing effect of the toothbrush on the teeth while carrying out the ordinary toothbrush action. Compared to sonic sonic toothbrush trader, rotary toothbrushes are relatively inexpensive for toothbrushes,The working principle is relatively simple. this


In addition to the core functions of vibration, the core components of the electric toothbrush company head and bristles, there are many useful and interesting special functions, some of which produce incredible results.


(1) Timing function


Many electric toothbrush company have a timing function called smart reminder and area change reminder. When the palate brush is in place, it will intelligently alert you to prevent excessive cleaning from causing damage to the gums.

(2) Pay attention to the swing Angle of the electric toothbrush company


It is recommended that you use an sonic toothbrush company with an oscillating amplitude of 3 to 9. If the swing amplitude is large, the irritation to the gums and teeth will be greater. If the swing of the sonic toothbrush company is small, it will also reduce the cleaning performance of the product, so it is not recommended to choose.


(3) Choose an sonic toothbrush company with sufficient compatibility


It is best to use a highly compatible product with a wide variety of brush heads, rich gear modes and a wide enough vibration frequency range. For example, an electric toothbrush supplier must have at least four gears. Only the gear is rich enough to meet the oral cleaning needs of different people in different life scenarios.
(4) It is best to choose magnetic levitation motor




Coreless motors and magnetic levitation motors are the two basic types of electric toothbrush supplier motors. It is best to choose an electric toothbrush supplier equipped with a magnetic levitation motor. The motor has more powerful performance, stable running speed and a better brushing experience. However, the power of coreless motors is unstable, noisy, and the risk of dental injury is higher, so it is not recommended for everyone.


(5) Don't buy violent cleaning products


Don't buy sonic toothbrush supplier with high vibration rates that claim to whiten quickly. They vibrate at between 40,000 and 50,000, and without tooth protection and gum protection technology, the rate of tooth damage is very high! In fact, the vibration frequency of an sonic toothbrush supplier is reasonable between 25,000-4000 times /min.


(6) Buy models with long battery life


electric toothbrush vendor must have a battery life of at least one month. If the electric toothbrush vendor consumes power quickly, the number of charges will be very frequent. Not to mention the trouble, it will also accelerate the aging of the battery and reduce the service life of the battery.


However, after years of use, the cleaning power of electric toothbrush vendor is recognized, and its benefits and advantages are unmatched by ordinary toothbrushes, but we must be vigilant! Even though sonic toothbrush vendor are safe, there are so many reasons for damaging teeth and other hazards. It is very important to buy and use sonic toothbrush vendor reasonably, strictly and scientifically! Now there are some bad phenomena, I hope you pay attention to. For example, excessive anxiety about dental problems is the same as when you first started using an electric toothbrush bulk. Many people now have better living conditions and pay special attention to dental care. Various aggressive improvement programs were carried out on the teeth, resulting in an overburden on the teeth and gums. The final cleaning is not only if not in place, dental problems can become more serious. Also, don't treat sonic toothbrush bulk as fashion items. I find that many sonic toothbrush bulk are bought for aesthetics and as gifts. This is a very bad phenomenon.


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