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What is an electric toothbrush

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The electric toothbrush can clean teeth through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement to make the brush head vibrate at high frequency.From the operating principle, electric toothbrush can be divided into rotary and vibration.Vibrating electric toothbrush, through the built-in motor movement to drive the toothbrush head, high frequency swing to achieve the role of cleaning.Rotating electric toothbrush, through the left and right forward and backward vibration, rotary multidirectional cleaning teeth.

As a had been tortured to death dental care products category manager, has been in depth understanding of electric toothbrush, can be said to be the native electric toothbrush, the N is ordinary but confident friend questioned electric toothbrush IQ tax after my messy, since the depth of a post deep grilled about why we need to use an electric toothbrush and electric toothbrush to exceed all skills of choose and buy, probably the driest I've ever had in my life

In the early stage, because consumers' awareness of oral health was not yet formed and the consumption level was low, and electric toothbrush was expensive, so it did not form large-scale sales.With the popularity of oral health awareness and the continuous improvement of the function of electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush has gradually moved from the introduction period to the growth period.According to index, searches for electric toothbrushes have been on the rise since 2014.

In recent years, residents' oral health awareness has been gradually enhanced. Under the wave of consumption upgrading, electric toothbrush has become one of the most rapidly growing categories of small home appliances in China.According to data from Intelligent Research Consulting, the market size of electric toothbrush in China was 7.73 billion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year growth of 37.3%, showing a trend of rapid growth.In addition, according to the data of Tao, the sales of electric toothbrush in March 2020 was 490 million yuan, with a month-on-month growth of 38.8%;Sales volume was 3.116 million units, it is very simple. Let's compare the cleaning degree of dental plaque between manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush. Here, I present my plaque attachment solution and dental utensils.

It can be seen that the electric toothbrush is not only better in cleaning efficiency, his scientific swing and vibration design is more beneficial to the cleaning of dental plaque, because dental plaque is a more stubborn thing than ordinary dirt.

After years of development, electric toothbrush products are constantly updated and upgraded.

On the one hand, the electric toothbrush is constantly optimized in basic functions, and even tries to develop into intelligence.The core technology of the electric toothbrush is the power of the toothbrush.In the resistance state to maintain the strength of vibration, in order to ensure the electric toothbrush encountered tooth surface resistance when the strong cleaning force.Therefore, the promotion of motor power has become one of the important directions of the development of electric toothbrush.

when I'm talking about a tooth injury, I don't mean that brushing with an electric toothbrush will break a tooth, or cause a piece of tooth to be worn off...If someone says so, it's really a rumor.

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