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What is an oral irrigator?

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What is an oral irrigator? oral irrigator, also known as water flosser, is a miniature high-pressure water gun that fires a high-pressure pulse of water to flush the teeth, washing away food particles that are not easily brushed.

No one who has ever used it has said yes. If a toothbrush is a process everyone must go through, then a water flosser can help you do it quickly. Although not a substitute for brushing, a water flosser is a powerful complement to brushing!

Moreover, the electric toothbrush can do is limited, probably about 80% of the oral residue, and often cleaning teeth this thing, it is not realistic. At this time, the advantage of the water flosser is reflected, those problems that the toothbrush did not solve, a flush is OK, especially the big teeth, orthodontics these two groups of people.

Some cheap domestic brands, we are afraid of quality problems, although the water flosser is only a flush, but the key parameters still need to meet the standards. For people who already have gum problems, it's possible to aggravate their own gum problems. For this reason, safety is a key measure when choosing a water flosser.

Why use a water flosser when you can use a toothbrush? The junction between our teeth and the gum has a groove about two millimeters deep that surrounds the tooth but does not attach to it called the gingival groove. The gingival crevice and the gap between the teeth are two of the most difficult places to clean. According to one study, "up to 40 percent of the surface of teeth cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush." The pressure water from the oral irrigator penetrates through the teeth into the gingival crevice, an ideal way to clean your mouth. According to the research of related institutions in the United States, the pressure water column can be washed into the gum groove to the depth of 50-90%. Pressure water column can not only clean to all kinds of gaps and holes and convex concave surface, and its effect can achieve a thorough micro "clean", in addition to cleaning the teeth and oral cavity function, the water also has a massage effect on the gums, promote the blood circulation of the gums and enhance the resistance of local tissues.

According to my experience, according to the use of 2 times a day, about 1 minute each time to calculate, the oral irrigator can basically be used for 2 weeks, normally can be used for about 3 weeks, oral irrigator is like electric toothbrush, power consumption is not particularly large, the battery life is OK, rarely need to charge every day.

If you are a first-time user, do not use an overpowered oral irrigator. So as not to cause bleeding gums.

In addition, when the oral irrigator is used, it should not be directed at people's eyes to avoid unexpected situations. Of course, the oral irrigator is effective, but also can not replace the toothbrush, the two should be complementary relationship.

An oral irrigator is a tool for spraying water, a small one has a squirt gun, a big one has a high pressure gun to put out a fire. It is necessary to reasonably choose the oral irrigator which is suitable for various physiological environment of the oral cavity to achieve the best cleaning effect.

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