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What is effective brushing?

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What is effective brushing? It is mainly two aspects: one is whether the teeth are exposed in the mouth of the face as far as possible coverage, which includes whether to cover everything, whether the brush to the edges and corners; The second is whether the brush to the position can effectively remove the dental plaque firmly attached to the tooth surface. Dental plaque is a large number of microbes adhere to the tooth surface through a series of complex mechanisms such as protein membrane, and has quite strong resistance to external forces. It is not removable by toothpaste or toothbrush at will.

How to brush your teeth effectively? There are two aspects. One is the correct way to brush teeth. The most recommended method for the public is Pasteurizing, because it is the best way to clean the tooth surface, gingival crevicular and adjacent tooth space.

The second is an efficient brushing tool, sonic toothbrush is the one I always recommend. The most important movement for Pap brushing is the small tremor of the toothbrush, which strikes a good balance between cleaning the teeth and avoiding excessive gum wear. So for this type of exercise, it's clear that sonic toothbrushes are superior.

Especially with the continuous upgrading of technology, the current electric toothbrush is not before, generally using better motor drive technology, such as maglev motor has become a new generation of high-end electric toothbrush standard. And in the domestic market brand actively roll down, cheap low-end toothbrush also used such high-end technology.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of electric toothbrushes: rotary type and sonic type. The sonic type is more acceptable to everyone. The core of sonic type electric toothbrush is the motor mentioned above, which drives the brush head to swing quickly and in a small range to clean the tooth surface. My Shaker electric toothbrush, for example, vibrates 37,000 times per minute and has a wide swing amplitude of 5.5mm, which is more than a hand brush can achieve in the same amount of time.

Electric toothbrushes also directly affect how well we brush our teeth. Bristles come in many different forms. For example, there are two kinds of bristles: flat bristles and curved bristles. The flat brush has a high roundness rate and is suitable for people with fragile gums. The arc brush head has a slightly lower grinding rate and a higher cleaning force, which is more suitable for people with good gingival base. In addition, the hardness of the bristles, the percentage of the bristles and the quality of the bristles need to be paid attention to.

Most of the electric toothbrushes on the market now can last 60~100 days, which depends on how often everyone uses electric toothbrushes. Just like some people just brush their teeth in the morning and evening, some people may use ordinary toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes alternately.

Water resistance is also important for sonic toothbrushes. On the one hand, when the sonic toothbrush is working, it should come into contact with water. On the other hand, the sonic toothbrush has been placed in the damp toilet. Therefore, we must pay attention to waterproof when choosing sonic toothbrush.

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