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What is so special about electric toothbrush?

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The plan of the day is in the morning. What we should do every day is to brush our teeth. At present, the freshest way to brush teeth is the acoustic toothbrush, which is a tool that combines modern technology to simulate the manual brushing mode to clean the mouth. But most people still know a little about sonic toothbrush, so they spend a lot of money. What is a sonic toothbrush? The acoustic toothbrush simply uses a certain design as the vibration source to drive the vibration of the toothbrush head to simulate the process of manual brushing. But the trap is here. At present, many electric toothbrush on the market have not actively explained this point. This is why some toothbrushes electric are hundreds of thousands, and some are as cheap as tens of dollars. Understand vibration principle and reduce expenses. 1. The cheap toothbrushes electric generally adopts the eccentric wheel design as the vibration principle. For example, there is a motor in the car toy we played when we were young. This kind of design has low cost, high noise, high energy consumption, and limited vibration frequency, which can not correctly and effectively simulate artificial brushing. The effect goes without saying. It seriously disdains this behavior and seriously destroys people's experience of using acoustic toothbrush. 2. Major brands use magnetic levitation motors with more complex design and better effect as vibration sources. The simple description is to form a specific magnetic field through the electromagnetic device, place the vibration device in the middle of the magnetic field, and then transmit the energy to each bristle of the electric tooth brush head through the conductive shaft, so that the bristle can move according to the specified trajectory, simulating manual brushing. The principle is the same, but in order to achieve such an effect, the coordination relationship between the program settings and various components must be subject to strict scientific research. The advantages are no mechanical friction, less noise, low energy consumption and high frequency. Generally, it can reach more than 30000 times/minute. In addition, it can also simulate the manual toothbrush correctly and effectively. Through frequency conversion technology, it can also play the role of massaging gums. The only disadvantage is that it is a little expensive. We recommend that you choose electric tooth brush, the price must be more than 100 yuan. Don't ask me why. I won't tell you. The price of this toothbrush is this price. Don't waste money, pay attention to these details

1. The quality of the toothbrush head and whether the bristle end is round. Why? The toothbrush head of the sonic electric toothbrush needs to be replaced. A good toothbrush head can reduce the cost of brushing teeth, because the toothbrush head is not covered by the warranty. The end of the bristle is round to prevent damage to the gums.

2. Whether the fuselage is IPx7 waterproof, and the waterproof of acoustic toothbrush is necessary because we need to clean it every day. If the waterproof grade is not up to standard, the consequences can be imagined.

3. How long can the battery be used? The sonic electric toothbrush is for everyone's convenience. Charging everyday is very annoying. It is generally recommended that at least one charge can meet the demand of 10 days.

4. Whether there are functions such as two-minute timing and 30-second brushing area reminder. Ask me why? This is the most scientific time for brushing teeth.

5. Is it induction charging? It is safe and high.

6. The most important thing is to buy a kids electric toothbrushaccording to your wallet, not the more expensive the better. You know, after reaching the standard level, all the extra money you spend is not on the product.




7. Quality assurance, quality assurance, quality assurance. The important things have been said three times. Those with warranty period less than 2 years are hooligans.

The difference principle between kids electric toothbrush  and electronic toothbrush is different. Electric toothbrush mainly adopts the principle of electric motor, which can make the brush head rotate. After acting on teeth, it can achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. The energy of electronic toothbrush is relatively large, and the effect of tooth cleaning is also relatively good. It can mainly remove periodontal bacteria, and has good effects on removing dental plaque and dental calculus on teeth.

Difference between electric toothbrush manufacturer and ultrasonic toothbrush:

1. The principle of the two is different: the electric toothbrush manufacturer uses a high-speed motor to rotate and vibrate the brush head to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth, while the ultrasonic toothbrush uses the cavitation effect of ultrasonic energy in the periodontal membrane to remove periodontal bacteria and impurities,

2. They have different cleaning ranges. The cleaning range of electric toothbrush factory can cover all parts of periodontal tissue, while the cleaning distance of electric toothbrush factory is small.

3. The effect of ultrasound is better than that of sonic toothbrush manufacturer. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the teeth and gingival surface through the bristles of the brush head. On the one hand, it can loosen the adhesion between dental plaque, tartar and small stones and teeth, and destroy the parasitic propagation of bacteria in the gingival pocket and hidden places on the surface of teeth.

In recent years, a new type of intelligent sonic toothbrush manufacturer has appeared on the market. Because the vibration frequency of its brush head is close to the sound frequency, it is called "sonic electric toothbrush", which has a strong cleaning effect. Because of this, it also occupies a place in the dental market and is popular with the public. So, what are the advantages of acoustic sonic toothbrush factory? Next, let's review: the four benefits of using electric toothbrush wholesale are as follows. Benefits of electric toothbrush wholesale 1: more thorough cleaning

Compared with the traditional manual toothbrush, the sonic toothbrush wholesale vibrates rapidly through the brush head. Generally, the vibration frequency of the sonic toothbrush wholesale on the market is 30000-40000 times/minute, which can clean the dirt on the teeth, such as tooth stains and tartar. This is a cleaning effect that ordinary manual toothbrushes cannot achieve. Because the manual toothbrush is used to brush teeth by hand and feeling, it can not ensure that every tooth is completely brushed, and the cleaning effect is average. Advantages of electric toothbrush agency 2: safer to use

The sonic electric toothbrush is safer than the manual toothbrush and has less wear on teeth. Brushing teeth with ordinary manual toothbrush can not better grasp the time, strength and range of brushing. Sometimes, if you feel that brushing your teeth is not clean, you can't help but increase the intensity of brushing to make your teeth cleaner and brighter. However, such a wrong way of brushing will lead to tooth wear in the past. In terms of controlling the brushing force, the sonic toothbrush agency has more advantages than the manual toothbrush. The pressure sensor equipped with the sonic toothbrush agency will give a prompt when the force is too large, which can avoid excessive force when brushing teeth, thus reducing the degree of tooth wear of the toothbrush.

Advantages of acoustic electric toothbrush dealer 3: good tooth protection effect

In addition to vigorously brushing teeth, gingival bleeding is probably related to the fact that the teeth are not brushed clean at ordinary times, so that bacteria near the gums stimulate the gums, causing gingival inflammation and bleeding, and even leading to tooth loosening. Experiments have proved that compared with manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrush dealer can remove 38% of bacteria on teeth and reduce 60% of gingival bleeding. It can be seen that the use of sonic toothbrush dealer can also reduce gum bleeding and prevent various oral diseases. Benefits of sonic toothbrush dealer 4: develop good brushing habits

Why do you say that using electric toothbrush trader also has the advantage of forming good brushing habits? This is mainly because the electric toothbrush trader has the timing function in its function design. For example, most sonic toothbrush trader have a two-minute timer function, which can let you know the time of brushing your teeth clearly and stop brushing your teeth carelessly. As for the manual toothbrush, it goes without saying that everyone has tried: brushing teeth is lazy.

1. The sonic toothbrush trader is really clean

I have always been a diligent toothbrush. I used to brush my teeth by hand for 3-5 minutes to ensure that every tooth was properly cleaned. When I check my teeth regularly every six months, the doctor will praise my teeth for good protection. But I like coffee. I drink a cup of coffee almost every day. I drink tea after coffee. So, despite my efforts to brush my teeth to avoid cavities, my teeth do not look white or yellow. But I don't eat by my face, so I never thought about spending money to whiten my teeth. This is the key point. After brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush company, it seems that your teeth have obviously turned white when you look in the mirror. Now, the yellow places become white, which is really useful.

2. The toothpaste foam produced by the electric toothbrush company is very thin. Before using the toothbrush, the mouth is always full of foam. After using the sonic toothbrush company, the amount of foam is reduced and very thin. In the past, there was always foam flowing out of the mouth when gargling, but there was no sense of foam when brushing with the sonic toothbrush company. I don't want to compare "thin foam" or "more foam", but I just saw the advertisement that the electric toothbrush supplier can use the tiny foam generated by sound waves to clean the places that cannot be cleaned by the electric toothbrush supplier.

3. This should be the most important advantage of sonic toothbrush supplier. I used to brush my teeth with my hands, as if I wanted to kill all the bacteria. I often brush my teeth so loudly that my mother would throw a sentence from behind, "Why are you so hard? Don't brush your teeth". After I started using the electric toothbrush vendor, although sometimes I still want to brush my teeth back and forth, it really saved a lot of energy. As long as I put the brush head on the teeth and slightly adjust the position of the brush head, I can feel that the electric toothbrush vendor  is trying to help you brush your teeth.

4. The timing of the sonic toothbrush vendor is very considerate. After pressing the power switch, it will run for two minutes and then stop. According to the advertisement, this is to remind the toothbrush that the toothbrush should be brushed for two minutes according to the dentist's advice before it can have better cleaning effect. But usually when I finish painting three quarters of the parts, it will stop. I must press the power switch again to finish painting. But this is also a reminder. I have been brushing for two minutes.

More and more people around us have joined the army of electric toothbrush bulk. In addition to saving labor, the daily oral cleaning effect of electric toothbrush bulk is also better than that of manual toothbrush. So, do you know how to choose the right sonic toothbrush bulk for you? Today, the editor is going to give you science popularization. Come and feel the comfort, health and convenience brought by the sonic toothbrush bulk! Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about oral health, because whether you have a good set of teeth is not only related to your health, but also affects your good state and mood throughout the day. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop good daily oral cleaning habits and scientific nursing methods from now on. As a busy urban office worker, the tedious work affairs every day will indeed accumulate a lot of irritable feelings. After work, I always want to taste some delicious food to cure my heart. But the normal work and entertainment, all kinds of alcohol and spicy food, as well as irregular work and rest, lead to the precarious health of the mouth and teeth, gum bleeding, toothache has become commonplace. How can you taste delicious food without a good tooth? Most people who don't brush their teeth carefully are careless because the scientific cleaning steps of traditional toothbrushes are too cumbersome. This is understandable in this fast-paced and impetuous society. If you want to save energy and convenience, and also want to brush your teeth well, sonic toothbrush bulk is your best choice. It can effectively correct various problems of incorrect toothbrushing before, such as time is not in place, there is no correct area for tooth brushing, and the bristles are too hard to cause gingival bleeding. Don't rush in the morning. How long does it take to clean. Choose an sonic toothbrush bulk with timing function and easy to use. Squeeze toothpaste, open it in your mouth, and brush your teeth directly.


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