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What is the correct way to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush?

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There is no best electric toothbrush, only the most appropriate electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush to choose the right can get twice the result with half the effort, the wrong choice will be counterproductive. Brush method is actually the same thing.

"Improper or unsuitable electric toothbrush brushing method for one's own oral condition not only cannot achieve good oral hygiene, but also may cause damage to hard and soft oral tissues." Therefore, Bass brushing is correct, scientific and good for teeth.This statement itself is rather lax and irresponsible.

Modified Bass brushing is now widely accepted. However, it should be noted that modified Bass brushing is not always good, and its vibrating motion can cause bruising and receding of thin biofabrous gums.This is why, you can see on the website, even website, some friends said that their teeth brushing (especially with the use of electric toothbrush) brush gum atrophy, this is a scientific source.Bass isn't the only way to brush your teeth, but it's an improved version that's now the most famous.

Is there any special requirement for the method of using the electric toothbrush?We should pay attention to the time of brushing: the frequency of brushing is usually at least 2 times a day, and the time of each brush is 3 to 5 minutes for manual toothbrush and 2 minutes for electric toothbrush.Because electric toothbrushes are 10 times or more frequent than manual toothbrushes, it is necessary to reduce time and avoid excessive wear and tear on enamel.For brushing methods, electric toothbrush has not pointed out the need to have a special response, generally still use the above mentioned several methods can be.There are certain requirements for the brush head, because the action frequency of electric toothbrush is too high, therefore, it is recommended to use soft brush head.

According to my personal experience, I suggest to add another one: you must rotate the electric toothbrush with a variety of gear modes, so that you can find the right gear for your teeth, and don't wear your teeth too much.I have used more than 20 electric toothbrushes and have been very successful in using them.

As for electric toothbrushes, I have consulted more than 100 professional literatures. There is a 15,000-word article which systematically corrects some widely spread misconceptions and comprehensively explains every aspect of electric toothbrushes.We have measured some electric toothbrushes which are very important but have been ignored which we have not seen elsewhere. How to choose an electric toothbrush?Open the correct use of electric toothbrush - a comprehensive answer to various questions about electric toothbrush, at the same time, each set of electric toothbrush experience, I have been divided into series, respectively I used electric toothbrush are written in, to help you choose the right electric toothbrush, avoid pit electric toothbrush.

Several points that affect the user experience of electric toothbrush are roughly as follows: (1) Cleaning effectiveness.Traditional electric toothbrushes vibrate the bristles only by vibrating the head.The direction of vibration is relatively single, and leads to the brush head kowtowing teeth. This vibration is effectively introduced into the inner ear through bone conduction, and the head buzzes when brushing.Also, be sure to turn off the electric toothbrush first and take the head out of your mouth, or you'll get foam all over the place (don't ask me why I know that).(2) the vibration intensity exceeds the gingival tolerance.The bristles and the brush head are often rigidly connected, and vibrations are transmitted directly to the gums, leading to uncomfortable brushing and even significant pain.(3) Insufficient range.If you had to charge electric toothbrush every few days, you probably wouldn't want to bring it with you on a business trip.(4) strength just fierce.It is easy to dissuade novices because of pain and lack of gradual and progressive mode transition.


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