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What is the downside of a sonic electric toothbrush?

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In the field of sonic electric toothbrush, studies have shown that the selection of sonic electric toothbrush can be considered from the following aspects: ease of use, gum sensitivity, tooth sensitivity and special functions. How to Choose an sonic electric toothbrush Choosing the right kids electric toothbrush depends on age, tooth condition, etc. First of all, it is important to determine whether the head size of the kids electric toothbrush is suitable for the user. Children choose kids electric toothbrush for children, who need to choose the right brush head for their oral condition. kids electric toothbrush choose a small brush head with soft bristles to reduce tooth damage. 2. When choosing vibration sensor, pay attention to the vibration frequency of electronic toothbrush. In general, the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning. However, the higher the vibration frequency, the louder the noise may be. It is acceptable if it is within your acceptable range. 3. Check the battery capacity and charging mode. When selecting a product, pay attention to the product capacity, battery capacity, charging time and other parameters. If the product is used frequently, you can choose a product with a shorter charging time. Especially for friends who need to impress on a regular basis, you can choose products that last longer. 4. According to the way the toothbrush brushes, we can choose the most popular vibrating electronic toothbrush. on the market. The cleaning mode is generated by vibration and sound wave induction. This type of electronic toothbrush. is relatively quiet and relatively friendly to sensitive teeth. As for the rotary vibrating brush head, some friends who are not sensitive to teeth, like to smoke, plaque is relatively difficult to choose. Rotating the brush head will have greater cleaning power. One drawback of this optional toothbrush head, however, is that it is relatively loud compared to electronic toothbrush. You can feel it on the spot. Accessible within acceptable limits. Let's start with the benefits. From big data, the oral quality of Chinese people is poor, with more than 90 percent suffering from periodontal disease. Powerful oral cleaning tools are urgently needed to improve cleaning results. The various advantages of electric toothbrush manufacturer just meet the current needs. The benefits are summarized as follows: Benefit 1: better cleaning effect, can effectively clean dental plaque. The cleaning power of an electric toothbrush manufacturer is dozens of times that of a manual toothbrush. Even in areas with high incidence of dental diseases such as interdental, root and tooth decay, where manual toothbrushes cannot be used to clean, electric toothbrush manufacturer can effectively remove plaque and have a good effect on preventing and improving dental diseases. Benefit two: more time - and labor-saving acoustic electric toothbrush manufacturer takes 2 minutes, more than 10 minutes to achieve the same cleaning effect as manual toothbrush. Especially suitable for time, do not like to brush for a long time friends. Bonus # 3: It's great for getting rid of bad breath. The main factors that cause bad breath are the poor cleaning ability of manual toothbrushes, the number of blind spots that need to be cleaned, and the fermentation of food residue and tartar between the teeth, wisdom teeth, cavities and other areas, leading to odor. electric toothbrush factory is comprehensive and can effectively solve the problem of bad breath. Advantage four:  electric toothbrush factory  vibration frequency is stable, no need to clean the blind spot. sonic toothbrush manufacturer can precisely control the cleaning power. The vibration frequency is constant, unlike manual toothbrushes, which are completely dependent on their own feelings. Strength varies with intensity. Even if the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is applied with a lot of force at certain angles, it can be difficult to clean, and areas that are easy to brush are prone to over-cleaning. Benefit five: In order to significantly whiten teeth, adhering to the use of sonic toothbrush manufacturer can effectively reduce the stubborn tooth stains formed on the teeth due to some dietary habits such as tea and coffee, so that the teeth will return to the original white, more white. Having discussed the benefits of acoustic toothbrushes, I would also like to remind you of three dangers of acoustic toothbrushes. They can cause dental injury. Especially when more than 90 percent of Chinese citizens suffer from periodontal disease, almost everyone has oral problems of varying degrees, and their dental tolerance is very low. In addition, because dental diseases do not cause pain or itching in the early and middle stages, many people mistakenly believe their teeth are in good condition and blindly use  electric toothbrush factory  that vibrate too high and are unprofessional. The main harm of tooth damage is as follows: harm 1. The enamel is worn. If chosen or used incorrectly, teeth can rub excessively and cause damage to enamel, which can lead to problems such as sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and toothaches. Hazard 2: aggravating underlying diseases. In general, most of us have underlying dental conditions that can worsen and progress to severe periodontitis, gingivitis, and even receding gums! Danger number three. Chronic tooth damage may result. Prolonged use of the sonic toothbrush could also lead to chronic tooth damage that would not be detectable for months. However, after the discovery, gum receding, severe tooth sensitivity and other irreversible results! Danger 4. The selection and use of acoustic-powered toothbrushes is not scientific and reasonable, which may lead to excessive tooth friction and enamel damage, resulting in tooth sensitivity, tooth bleeding, tooth pain and other problems. Danger 5. Many people already have relatively complex oral problems such as sensitive teeth, cracked teeth, periodontitis, etc. If they use some popular online brands and crossover brands of sonic toothbrush factory, they may make dental diseases worse. Danger 6. Frequent use of unprofessional sonic toothbrush factory can easily mask the risk of chronic dental damage, which is difficult for the user to detect. Many people don't realize their teeth have been damaged until months or even years later, when serious problems such as receding gums and loose teeth appear. In my last post, I explained in detail the benefits and hazards of sonic toothbrush factory, but you should know that acoustic sonic toothbrush factory aren't all that good. Some sonic toothbrush factory are also harmful, especially when more than 90 percent of Chinese people suffer from periodontal disease, almost everyone has oral problems to some degree, but because of the initial formation of dental diseases, so many people do not realize that there is a problem in their mouth. Complex oral environments require very high cleaning tools. Many friends do not understand the state of their mouth, which makes it easy for them to choose inappropriate products. If people stop paying attention to this, random selection of products can easily lead to serious adverse harm. The benefits and harms of staying away from the four types of dental injury products that are often caused by the use of dental injury products are well known. These dental injury products tend to focus on the following four types of products that you must stay away from when choosing and purchasing: 1. Many crossover brands with no expertise operate for a relatively short period of time, i.e. within one or two years, they lack the expertise, can only meet the user's clear needs, such as ultra-high vibration frequency, appearance design, battery life, etc., and then rely on spending money on marketing and harvesting leeks. However, they still lag significantly behind specialty brands in more than 100 core training parameters such as crowd compatibility matching, gum and dental care experience, and vibration frequency range. However, population compatibility alone is reduced by about 80%! 2. Cheap, poor quality electric toothbrush wholesale Inexpensive electric toothbrush wholesale usually has a high rate of tooth damage. They have a lot of jokes about cleanliness, range, noise, etc. Gingival bleeding and toothache are very common after use. Severe cases can even lead to dental disease, gingival receding, tooth loosening and so on. Some electric toothbrush wholesale can also charge and ignite, endangering lives! 3. Many brands say their vibration frequency is very high, and some acoustic electric toothbrush wholesale even have a vibration frequency of 40,000 to 50,000! However, vibration frequency is only one factor that affects the cleaning ability of an acoustic electric toothbrush wholesale. The high vibration frequency of an acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale doesn't mean good cleaning ability, let alone better teeth. Conversely, most high-frequency acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale lack the support of gum and tooth protection technology, leading to a significant increase in tooth damage rates! 4. The sonic toothbrush wholesale of the Internet celebrity brand is generally very bad, costing tens of yuan, but can be sold for three or four hundred yuan. The product has no appearance, but no professional precipitation. They rely only on heavy advertising, celebrity endorsements and online shopping to entice consumers to buy. However, these brands of sonic toothbrush wholesale are usually of poor quality and prone to damaging teeth. What are the disadvantages and hazards of electric toothbrush agency? 1. Although the electric toothbrush agency is fully automatic, it is very convenient. This is both a strength and a weakness. Because the electric toothbrush agency is fully automatic, it won't stop when it's supposed to. electric toothbrush agency aren't smart, so they don't know the weight when they touch the gums, which can easily damage them. 2. Most people's teeth are of low quality, especially since many people have problems with cavities, periodontitis and sensitive teeth. If the choice of electric toothbrush agency is not based on the health of the teeth, it can easily cause injury or exacerbate dental problems. 3. sonic toothbrush agency can cause a certain amount of wear on teeth, although numerous experiments have been conducted by many authoritative laboratories to prove that the wear of sonic toothbrush agency is within the safe range. However, the complexity of the teeth of China's 1.4 billion people is very high, and coupled with the fact that most people use sonic toothbrush agency more casually, the probability of tooth injury remains high. In recent years, the damage rate of sonic toothbrush agency to teeth is increasing year by year! On the one hand, we encourage people to use electric toothbrush dealer, because electric toothbrush dealer have inherent advantages that manual toothbrushes cannot match, such as better cleanliness, cleaner brushing, and no blind areas for brushing. At the same time, it is convenient, fast, time-saving, labor-saving, to meet the needs of young people. What's more, sonic toothbrush dealer can more effectively improve the dental health of our people and improve the overall oral quality! On the other hand, due to the lack of knowledge of most people about their dental health and the purchase and use of sonic toothbrush dealer, a large number of people blindly and randomly buy and use electric toothbrush trader, resulting in widespread harm and disadvantages of tooth damage. In addition, long-term and undetectable slow tooth damage is a risk. The rate of tooth damage caused by electric toothbrush trader has risen sharply in recent years! So what do we do? Have you given up your sonic toothbrush trader? In fact, in foreign countries, the penetration rate of electric toothbrush company is very high, almost everyone is using sonic toothbrush company. Meanwhile, the overall quality of teeth in developed countries is far higher than ours. Therefore, electric toothbrush supplier can be said to be very necessary to use, but we need to choose and use scientifically and reasonably. We must not blindly believe big brands, look at the beauty, cheap, the pursuit of efficient cleaning, and so on. "We repeatedly emphasize that the dental health rate of Chinese people is very low, but there are still many people blindly greedy and cheap, think that tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan sonic toothbrush supplier difference is not big, so can buy. On the other hand, many people have blind faith in their dental health, especially male d with poor dental health, instead think of themselves as very healthy, obsessed with the pursuit of high cleanliness and a strong sense of shock, "the least harm is your own teeth! Avoid strenuous brushing and excessive cleaning. Many people pay more and more attention to dental care, even over care is a major cause of dental damage. Adhere to scientific brushing methods, such as pasteurization, reasonable control of brushing frequency and time. It is highly recommended that you do not use prosecution for excessive cleaning and high strength vibration, which is not suitable for most of us. In fact, as mentioned above, electric toothbrush can cause some degree of tooth damage, and excessive vibration is the main cause. In my opinion, dental care needs to be gradual, develop a scientific dental care improvement plan, and choose an sonic toothbrush  to pay more attention to dental care and comfort. Don't start trusting brands that can fix dental problems and whiten teeth in a few weeks. This is not scientific. Excessive impatience puts unnecessary strain and wear on your gums, and it doesn't pay to do so.


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