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What is the impact of using electric toothbrush for a long time?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site

I have used electric toothbrush for more than 3 years, and my teeth and gums feel very fresh after each brush.Manual brushing often bleeding gums before, now also improved a lot.Now is not used to use manual brushing, the last electric toothbrush used for more than a month, forget to charge, manually brush twice, still feel the tooth internal test, especially the tooth internal test how all feel the brush is not clean, not fresh.It also takes time and effort.

Electric toothbrushes not only clean more smoothly, but also can easily clean deep between the teeth and remove plaque.Manual brushing requires at least three minutes of brushing, which is not necessarily enough for the cleanliness of the teeth, whereas electric toothbrush takes two minutes.And now most of the electric toothbrush have 30s to change the area brushing reminder, to ensure that each area of the brushing time is uniform.

Many people don't brush their teeth with enough force, causing damage to the gums and wearing away the enamel.Some electric toothbrushes are equipped with intelligent overpressure reminders. When the pressure is too high, there will be a reminder, which can fully ensure the health of gums and teeth.

Using electric toothbrush brushing is really more convenient than manual brushing, saving time and effort and clean, early start early easy to protect teeth!

It is basically the wrong way to brush your teeth, there are a lot of brands in addition, a pile of clean performance of the electric toothbrush, the harm is really big.If used for a long time, recommend you to use the electric toothbrush that does not hurt your teeth, medical grade product standard, the first brand that does not hurt your teeth in China, super fire now.

Electric toothbrush is not the labor-saving version of manual toothbrush. Many users have some misunderstandings about using electric toothbrush to brush their teeth. They think it is all over when they turn on the switch and put it in their mouth.

Many electric toothbrushes have different gears that correspond to different frequencies or amplitudes.For beginners, I recommend starting with the smallest gear.It is normal to feel uncomfortable at the beginning of using an electric toothbrush. You can gradually adapt to this frequency by using it several times and then increase the gear.There are two different types of electric toothbrushes, which correspond to two different vibration modes: one is a rotating sport electric toothbrush, and the other is a reciprocating sport electric toothbrush.

The rotating motor toothbrush has a round head.The round brush head can be placed on any part of the tooth (buccal tongue surface and occlusal surface). The round brush head can fully wrap around the tooth surface. The combined motion of rotation and expansion makes it stronger mechanical cleaning force and higher cleaning efficiency, and of course, the vibration sense is stronger when using.

The head of the reciprocating motor electric toothbrush is similar in shape to our regular manual toothbrush, with a slightly rectangular shape.The electric toothbrush mimes the brushing process by gently inserting the bristles into the crevicular area (the junction between the teeth and the gums) and using high-frequency vibrations to clean the crevicular more efficiently.This electric toothbrush has a softer cleaning force and is more friendly to people with delicate and sensitive gums that are prone to bleeding.

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