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What is the recommended electric toothbrush for girls?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

Now there are many brands of electric toothbrush, suitable for girls, of course, it is a good appearance level, strong endurance of the toothbrush, the following recommended these quality is good, good use experience, the price is around 300 yuan, very high cost performance, very suitable for girls to start. Speaking of this electric toothbrush, it's very good. Super long battery life, can last a year on a single charge, 3350 mah super battery capacity, don't worry about battery life, now you don't need to worry about forgetting to bring the charging head when you travel, convenience full marks. The electric toothbrush's intelligent pressure sensing system is also very nice. If you exert too much force, it will give a flash warning to prevent gum injury. The bristles are imported toray, super soft, feel very comfortable to brush, teeth more sensitive friends can rest assured to use. For girls, very attractive is the design of brushing + cleansing 2 in 1, super cost-effective, can not only brush your teeth but also clean your face, can save the money of a cleansing machine. In addition, the electric toothbrush has a unique small brush head to go deeper into the mouth and clean the teeth without dead Angle. There is a 30-second zone change reminder function, which is very intimate. To tell the truth, this electric toothbrush is more than 200 price, can hand an electric toothbrush and clean face brush, cost performance is quite high.

Electric toothbrush, cost performance is very good. This electric toothbrush is gradient design, fresh, full of magical feeling, on the bright and clean washing table, full of artistic feeling! It has 5 modes, namely white, clean, DIY, Massage and clean. In the DIY mode, you can customize the strength of the electric toothbrush. You can customize the strength with one key and lock the memory. If you want to polish and whiten teeth, you can customize the strength to the maximum. This sonic electric toothbrush is equipped with magnetic levitation motor and can vibrate 32,000-42,000 times per minute, which is much better than the comprehensive experience of manual brushing. Waterproof level is IPX7 waterproof level, support for body water. After each use directly under the tap to clean, simple and easy.

Famous for their appearance, this 45-degree electric toothbrush has a triangular body design and comes in three colors: Glacier blue, Twilight green and coral pink. The size of the body is perfect for girls, and it's easy to hold in one hand. The electric toothbrush comes standard with 3 different brush heads, with 4 different built-in brushing modes: cleaning, whitening, care and cleaning tongue coating. Each mode has different vibration intensity and cleaning time, at the same time, there are 30 seconds to change the zone prompt, refer to the prompt operation, simple and convenient. The head of the electric toothbrush forms a 45-degree Angle with the teeth for a good cleaning effect. Brush bristles are imported from the United States duPont brush wire, soft and hard moderate relatively dense, and after grinding processing. The first time you use it, you don't feel it very quickly, it's a three-second crescendo.

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