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What is the right way to brush your teeth? Is an electric toothbrush worth buying?

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First, we should make clear the purpose of brushing our teeth with electric toothbrush. What is it that we are cleaning up? Not food scraps, but dental plaque! Mouthwash with food debris can do the job, while plaque is a biofilm of bacteria in the mouth that turns yellow when it's thick and sticks to our teeth, making it difficult to remove, so use a little force with your electric toothbrush. Plaque produces acid, which can eat away at our teeth in the long term. Second, where is the plaque mainly attached to the tooth? The answer is that it usually sticks to the place where the gums and teeth meet, just like when we do hygiene, where the dirt is hidden in the corner. So naturally, we focus on this area with our electric toothbrush, which leads to our famous "Pasteur brushing" : the brush head is at a 45° Angle to the gum, and the brush head moves slowly along the teeth. Manual toothbrush requires us to manually vibrate in a small range, electric toothbrush is more labor-saving, just move the brush head slowly can be third, each tooth brush how long? According to experts, brush one side of each tooth for at least 2 seconds. A normal adult has a total of 28 teeth, not including the four wisdom teeth, and a total of 84 surfaces, so it takes about 168 to 252 seconds, or 3-4 minutes. A lot of people in order to catch up on time, brush half a minute practice is absolutely not desirable.

Middle-late early need electric toothbrush to brush your teeth after the meal, to avoid excessive food residue left in the mouth, there is no way to use electric toothbrush also want to rinse in a timely manner, under the condition of brushing your teeth in the evening is extremely important, in particular, the left of the day in the mouth, evening not brushing teeth will lead to residual bacteria more and more, and remember to brush your teeth before don't dip in water, Can play a better role of clean, brush for not less than 3 minutes, choose the right way to brush your teeth: electric toothbrush with 45 degree Angle, teeth on tooth surface can rotate down on brushing your teeth, inside the electric toothbrush to brush, down on the tooth surface of rotating brush from down to up,  toothbrush to brush your teeth from down to up.

There are also concerns that electric toothbrushes can wear away enamel, but cleaning your teeth is far more dangerous than that! If you are really worried about wear and tear, you can also use an electric toothbrush, which is the best electric toothbrush for protecting teeth without hurting teeth. Motor electric toothbrush brush materials as one thousand yuan, but the price of conscience, if want to buy an electric toothbrush and budget of suggested priority ~ if the primary is not very full, can consider to other electric toothbrush is really high cost performance, usually an electric toothbrush, now hand after coupon redemption price is less than two hundred, and functional quality is not everything.

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