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What is the working principle of mechanical electric toothbrush and acoustic toothbrush respectively?

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Which is better, electric toothbrush versus traditional toothbrush?Which electric toothbrush is good?

In fact, many relevant answers have been popular science, there is no real · acoustic toothbrush, electric toothbrush only rotary and swing two categories.Mechanical electric toothbrush, generally refers to the rotary vibration type of electric toothbrush, acoustic toothbrush, generally refers to the swing vibration type of electric toothbrush.Both toothbrushes are essentially the same in that they use electrical power to drive a motor that drives the high frequency movement of the bristles to rub against the surface of the tooth.The reason why there is the term "sound wave" is that in the propaganda of many early electric toothbrushes, it would be explained that their vibration frequency reached the sound wave level, which was misunderstood by many consumers.

If you know the structure of your mouth and can brush with a traditional toothbrush for a long time, you don't need to switch to an electric toothbrush.But if you're just a regular person, you'll do better with an electric toothbrush.At present, electric toothbrushes are divided into vibration electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes.The rotary electric toothbrush, as its name suggests, is used to clean teeth by rotating.The working principle is similar to the drive shaft of a car. The engine is transmitted to the brush head through the drive shaft, thus driving the brush head to rotate. The principle is relatively complex.This is the advantages of vibration type electric toothbrush, ninety percent of electric toothbrushes on the market at present, are shaking type electric toothbrush, function also is multifarious, intelligent control, multi-position adjustment, different brush head, USB charging, batteries, wireless charging, and so on say first advantages and disadvantages, and then choose their own, rotary electric toothbrush advantages:Patented double brush head can clean teeth both inside and outside at the same time. 360 degree rotating design can clean teeth on six sides at the same time with good cleaning effect.Disadvantages: the price is not particularly cheap (compared with ordinary vibration electric toothbrush), the production process is complex vibration electric toothbrush advantages: the price is comprehensive coverage, high, middle and low have their traces, dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars have, the function of many disadvantages:Compared with the hand brush, the biggest advantage of vibrating electric toothbrush is to replace the wrist vibration. As the single brush head is still adopted, it is still necessary to pay attention to the brushing method when brushing to meet the needs.

So, if you have a budget of more than 1000 yuan and need an oral care machine, I really recommend you get a real ultrasonic toothbrush, the experience is very good!And very quiet!As to other 500 yuan above, even 1000 yuan of above "ultrasonic electric toothbrush", I do not recommend, actually with "ultrasonic" without the slightest concern, just vibration frequency a bit higher, appearance level a bit better look, packaging a bit more exquisite.

Sonic toothbrushes can produce ultrasonic energy, which is essentially different from general electric toothbrushes.

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