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What is water flosser??

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Water flosser is something I use every day because I need to listen to my doctor.It is recommended to use Water Flosser once a day to clean the gap. A toothpick is not recommended. Water Flosser does not increase the gap, but a toothpick will.It took me water flosser to realize I had so many.... in my teeth things.

Brushing alone can only remove about 65% of the plaque, the remaining 35% of the plaque is in the tooth adjacent surface (between teeth), part of the gum margin, and the tooth alignment caused by the dead corners, quietly contribute to the cause of caries and periodontal disease.That's why you can wash your teeth with water flosser and still get some stinky smell!As the most commonly recommended method for removing plaque on adjacent surfaces, Water Flosser effectively cleans areas where the toothbrush can't reach and is suitable for most people.

What's the choice between a dental floss stick and a water flosser?It is recommended to use water flosser, which is easy to use, because the floss on the floss stick is straight and cannot cover the whole side of the teeth, so the cleaning area is relatively small.The water flosser itself is soft and covers the sides of the teeth, giving a larger area to clean and a 360-degree clean.Water flosser is the best way to clean your teeth.Of course, you can use it if it's not easy to floss with both hands or if you can't reach the inmost teeth.Are you stretching your teeth by using water flosser every day?

It's cold in winter, but there's something called warm water.Usually in winter directly brush your teeth with tap water will feel frozen teeth, if the winter directly with tap water for a few minutes to use water flosser, it may really frostbite, resulting in bleeding gums.In winter, I will add some warm water to the water tank. The temperature should not be too high, because it is not good for the teeth and may shorten the service life of the water flosser.The dentist also told me that the water should not be too hot or too cold when brushing teeth, especially when flushing teeth. It will not only irritate the gums, but also cause cracked teeth.

"Is it necessary to use water flosser?It's about necessity.Bottom line: Water Flosser cleans up areas that otherwise wouldn't, and that cleaning is beneficial, so it's necessary to use Water Flosser.It's not easy to tell the difference between an electric toothbrush, a dental floss and a water flosser.

I don't think it's that hard to use water flosser . Was it hacked?I have been troubled by orthodontics these years and it is too difficult to clean, so I bought these water flosser, ranging from big to small, from home to portable. I think the water flosser are not difficult to use, have they been hacked recently?Hey, guys, did you use the water flosser?Let's share our feelings.The working principle of most of the water flosser on the market today is to generate high pressure pulse water column by pressurizing the water through the pump body.

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