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What kind of electric toothbrush does the dentist use?

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In recent years, this problem has bothered many first-time buyers. In fact, most people will continue to choose electric toothbrushes once they pass this hurdle. Why? Of course, today we are not going to brag about electric toothbrush at the beginning. We will conduct a comprehensive and objective analysis through the comparison of the two, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush. Let's take a look at the congenital deficiencies and problems of ordinary toothbrushes. The advantages of electric toothbrush can be summed up in one sentence: "save time and effort, it can easily do the necessary daily tooth cleaning in 2 minutes, long-term use can also remove stubborn dental plaque, improve tooth disease!" What are the advantages of electric toothbrush compared with ordinary toothbrush? 1. Efficient cleaning, the use of traditional toothbrush, cleaning oral teeth mainly by subjective feelings, due to the movement often deviation, actual 1. The cleaning effect may be reduced, and the brushing may not be frequent enough or close to the teeth. The principle of rotation or vibration of electric toothbrush, the contact area is larger per unit time, more working times, can fully cover multiple times of action on tooth surface and tooth gap, theoretically better cleaning effect. Data from The Comparison of oral Hygiene Effects between Electric toothbrush and traditional toothbrush by West China Stomatological College in Sichuan show that rotating vibrating electric toothbrush has significantly better effects on plaque removal and gingivitis reduction than traditional toothbrush, and its actual results have been demonstrated. 2. Strength control. In the use of traditional toothbrushes, the strength is sometimes indiscriminate or difficult to control. In order to achieve the cleaning effect, some men exert too much force to brush, which not only damages gums, but also damages teeth virtually. The electric toothbrush can be used with even force to clean the teeth vertically without increasing the friction force, thus reducing the damage to the teeth and making the cleaning process more efficient and safe. This electric toothbrush works really well and I love it, but the color is beautiful, it's practical, it's soft to use and the price is really good! Five functions quite complete cleaning efforts are good. Perfect for the student party, friends of the Affordable Party. 3. Time guarantee, it takes time to clean teeth. Electric toothbrush takes 2 minutes, while traditional toothbrush usually takes 3 minutes to clean teeth. Electric toothbrush has the function of intelligent timer, to ensure that the brushing time is controlled within 2 minutes, regular reminder, to ensure the thorough cleaning of teeth, improve efficiency and convenient life. Therefore, electric toothbrush is not IQ tax, mainly depends on how we look at electric toothbrush in the process of choosing electric toothbrush is also very necessary to choose the right. In this way, you can make your dental care better.

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