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What percentage of people use an electric toothbrush?

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When it comes to the advantages of electric toothbrushes, there are so many that we will only list a few advantages over the cleaning efficiency of regular sonic toothbrush. The mainstream of electric toothbrushes is the use of vibration frequency to clean teeth for oral cleaning purposes. Because it has a higher frequency of sound vibration, it also has a better cleaning effect. Ordinary sonic toothbrush: The direction of the operation of the head of the ordinary sonic toothbrush is artificially controlled. Most people only stay on the surface of the teeth. There are many blind spots when brushing teeth, so the cleaning effect is ordinary. Electric toothbrush: Now most mainstream brands of toothbrushes electric have a variety of modes, generally divided into strong cleaning, local massage and other modes, different modes of vibration frequency, corresponding to different oral problems. Regular toothbrushes electric: Regular toothbrush is manually controlled when brushing teeth, want to clean a place, will be hard, accidentally puncture the mouth, greatly reduced comfort. Electric toothbrush: 2 minutes of scientific brushing, every 30 seconds will remind the replacement area to clean, when using an electric tooth brush, as long as the toothbrushes electric brush head is on the surface of the teeth, the toothbrushes electric brush head will complete the whole tooth cleaning according to the set procedure. Regular toothbrushes electric: Since regular toothbrush is controlled by a person, it is not sure if it can be sonic electric toothbrush for 2 minutes. Use a regular sonic electric toothbrush to thoroughly clean your teeth of bacteria. Many people can't stick to it. Understand the benefits of electric tooth brush, and then take you to understand how to buy an electric toothbrush, we mainly understand the brush head, motor these two parts. Now the kids electric toothbrush brush head on the market is divided into soft brush and hard brush, hard kids electric toothbrush brush cleaning strength is strong, but for people with sensitive gums in the mouth, it will cause bleeding gums, soft brush although cleaning strength is poor, but it is relatively soft, brushing more comfortable. When buying an electric tooth brush, it is recommended to choose imported Dupont or BBC soft wool. Soft bristles are good for beginners and won't irritate gums. The kids electric toothbrush motor is divided into motor motor and high-quality magnetic levitation motor. The output of high-quality magnetic levitation motor is more stable, which can maintain effective vibration and ensure the cleaning of teeth. Are you thinking of switching to an electric toothbrush? Why do so many people use electronic toothbrush? What are the advantages of using an electronic toothbrush? In fact, the electric toothbrush has many advantages, the most important is that the electric toothbrush manufacturer has better cleaning ability than the traditional manual brushing. The cleaning power of electric toothbrush has been certified by oral experts. Electric toothbrushes are easy to clean your teeth without much skill. Compared to traditional manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrush manufacturer can remove plaque more effectively in less time, reduce gingivitis, control calculus formation and pigmentation, and reduce gum receding and neck tissue wear. Advantages of electric toothbrush manufacturer: cleaning ability Traditional electric toothbrush manufacturer is difficult to completely remove dental plaque, coupled with improper brushing methods, so that the cleaning effect of brushing is greatly reduced. Experiments have shown that sonic toothbrush manufacturer remove 38 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and their cleaning ability has been praised by oral experts. When you brush your teeth with a regular sonic toothbrush manufacturer, the amount of force you use is controlled by the user. Sometimes it is unavoidable to brush too much, or use an incorrect saw-cut transverse brush, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Experiments have shown that sonic toothbrush factory can reduce brushing force by about 60 percent and reduce gingivitis and bleeding gums by 62 percent, making the brushing process safer and more effective. Electric toothbrushes are effective in reducing stains caused by tea, coffee and bad mouth conditions and restoring the original color of teeth. And this adjustment is not immediately effective sonic toothbrush factory, but with daily brushing and gradual progress, it does not cause any damage to the teeth themselves. Our gums are often damaged by brushing our teeth improperly. The slight vibration from the high-speed rotation of the electric toothbrush wholesale not only improves blood circulation in the mouth, it also has an unexpected massaging effect on the gum tissue, which electric toothbrush wholesale can only be known after the experience. Watching a "sports car" gallop back and forth in front of you makes brushing your teeth a natural pleasure. This electric toothbrush wholesale applies not only to the many children who don't like to brush their teeth, but also to adults. Because electric toothbrushes are much larger in size than traditional toothbrushes, the work on appearance can be done. Electric toothbrushes are recommended for children over 5 years old. The advantages of sonic toothbrush wholesale six: easy to use before everyone rest or get up in the morning, will not have too much energy and strength, so can not guarantee the brushing time and brushing action standard, the health effect of teeth naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrushes can be a good solution to this problem, with the brush head rotating automatically and the ergonomic overall design ensuring efficient and convenient brushing. It's easy to use, easy to brush your teeth, and easy to cultivate our good habits. With all the benefits of a sonic toothbrush wholesale, have you ever been tempted? If you want a fresh mouth and good teeth every day, you should also choose the right electric toothbrush. To this end, Romantic electric toothbrush agency has set up a special laboratory to study oral characteristics and product technology. It regularly maintains close communication with many internationally renowned dental medical institutions/colleges and dental clinics, and makes targeted optimization and upgrading of product appearance and electric toothbrush agency function to develop oral care products that are most suitable for consumers, such as electric toothbrushes and toothbrushes. Protect the oral health of consumers. Before we get back to business, let's establish a more complete understanding of electric toothbrush agency and why we use them. In fact, for the mouths of Chinese people, oral problems are very complex, 90% of adults have dental caries, periodontitis and other periodontal problems (as shown below), traditional manual electric toothbrush agency are not very good at cleaning plaque, this time, the advantages of electric toothbrushes stand out! Advantage 1: Electric toothbrushes clean plaque better. Electric toothbrushes have greater cleaning power in terms of cleaning plaque. It also works well in areas where manual sonic toothbrush agency are difficult to clean, such as between the teeth, the back of the teeth and the crown. However, manual sonic toothbrush agency struggle to apply force to small details, making them only a third as effective at removing plaque as electric toothbrushes. Advantage 2: Electric toothbrush saves time and effort. An electric toothbrush dealer takes only 2 minutes to clean efficiently, and your hands don't need to be too hard, which is a great time and energy saver. Manual electric toothbrush dealer, which take about 10 minutes to clean the mouth, are less effective than sonic toothbrush dealer, which take about two minutes. Advantage 3: The power of sonic toothbrush dealer is more balanced and stable. The force of the sonic toothbrush dealer should be more balanced and stable. The cleaning power of a manual electric toothbrush trader is difficult to precisely control, the weight depends on personal feeling, there are many blind spots, some angles are difficult to use force, let alone electric toothbrush trader clean, and some locations won't even clean effectively for years. The electric tooth brush vibrates evenly and steadily, effectively cleaning every part and corner of your teeth. Advantage four: whitening teeth, remove bad breath. If long-term use of electric toothbrush, can effectively reduce the probability of calculus formation, effectively eliminate the accumulation of stubborn coffee and tea stains in the mouth, so as to make teeth white! And can effectively fresh breath, relieve bad breath! For those who need braces during orthodontics, this is sonic toothbrush trader to your ears. In the orthodontic group, the mouth is more complex and fragile, requiring more careful care. Electric toothbrushes can also reduce the heavy burden of orthodontic equipment. At the same time, it also works well to clean the area near the orthodontic sonic toothbrush trader, which is usually a dead area for manual toothbrushes. Through the above analysis of the advantages of electric toothbrush, we can understand that sonic toothbrush trader has many advantages. This is a highly recommended tooth cleaning tool for Chinese people. It makes up for the shortcomings of manual sonic toothbrush trader and is a very effective electric toothbrush company! But now there are a lot of bad businesses, especially that kind of network celebrity brand, they lack vibration range, swing and other core technology optimization and regulation, but simply rough to improve the vibration frequency, make a stunt. However, electric toothbrush company can easily cause bleeding. Every time you brush your teeth, you spit out bleeding foam. Long-term use can sow the seeds of chronic tooth electric toothbrush company damage that can take at least 5-6 months to appear and then be difficult to save. As living conditions improve, people are paying more attention to sonic toothbrush company cleaning and care, which is largely caused by the popularity of sonic toothbrush company. At present, the esonic toothbrush company is more and more widely mentioned and used in China, and its value in tooth cleaning has been recognized by the public. As an oral blogger, I've evaluated a large number of electric toothbrushes in the past. Today sonic toothbrush company and you together in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of electric tooth brush. Together with you from a more objective perspective to analyze the electric tooth brush is worth buying? What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes? Why is it so popular? Many dentists even recommend it. What's behind it? There are several reasons for the popularity of electric toothbrushes. According to my own observation, there are three reasons for the popularity of electric toothbrushes. The first is that the sonic toothbrush company itself does have advantages over manual toothbrushes. The second aspect: The development of "we media" enables many dentists and dentists to have their own space to contact with users, and a large number of oral science makes many people start to pay attention to dental care. The third aspect is the use sonic toothbrush company of stars and grass, as well as a lot of brand marketing publicity! But the core is that the value of the electric toothbrush itself is really better than the manual toothbrush, otherwise not many dentists would recommend and encourage people to use, this is the intrinsic motivation. Of course, many people may be ignorant of the benefits of electric toothbrushes. Let's start with why we brush our teeth. And some of the problems the rest of us have when we brush our teeth. Why do people sonic toothbrush company brush their teeth? This is because we eat a wide variety of foods throughout the day, including sour, sweet, salty and spicy, so there are a lot of food crumbs on the teeth and surfaces, and bacteria in the mouth can cause the food crumbs to rot and ferment. Especially at night, when you fall asleep, mouth activity almost stops, electric toothbrush supplier saliva secretion is also greatly reduced, oral self-cleaning effect is reduced; Long night time, the most conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, oral food in sleep unconsciously fully ferment. So, you wake up with a bad electric toothbrush supplier taste in your mouth, which can lead to cavities and gingivitis. So make a habit of brushing your teeth at night. But you know what electric toothbrush supplier? The incidence of tooth decay and periodontitis in our country is more than 90%, especially in adults, dental disease is very exaggerated. Overall health status is less than 1%. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes? You may wonder why we all brush our teeth and why the overall quality and health of our teeth is so low. Is brushing your electric toothbrush supplier lonely? This brings us to the problem of manual electric toothbrush supplier(of course, low overall tooth quality isn't just a problem with manual electric toothbrush vendor, it's also one of the key causes). Many people do not know that manual electric toothbrush vendor have some unavoidable defects in tooth cleaning, which can lead to the deposition of plaque and stones (plaque and stones are core risk factors for dental disease). Why? The first reason: The strength of electric toothbrush vendor brushing is too subjective, and many people's strength of brushing is uncontrollable, especially the strength of each sonic toothbrush vendor and corner is different, which leads to good hard brush in some parts, some bad hard brush is not clean, and even there are clean teeth, gum groove, etc. Many people brush their teeth every morning and evening, but most of them are dealing with sonic toothbrush vendor. Without cleaning every tooth carefully and effectively, many people say on the Internet that as long as you brush your teeth carefully, the manual sonic toothbrush vendor will also brush clean. In my opinion, this is a kind of pulling, who has the patience to brush the sonic toothbrush vendor for more than ten minutes every morning and evening? Who has the patience to brush from all sides? The average sonic toothbrush vendor brushing time in China is just 59 seconds, far less than the time it takes to clean. This also explains why the dental health rate of Chinese people was very low in the past. The rate of tooth decay is as high as 70%, and the rate of periodontitis is as high as 90%. Almost everyone has a variety of dental and sonic toothbrush vendor due to the inability of manual sonic toothbrush vendor to meet the needs of daily dental and oral cleaning. Compared with manual sonic toothbrush vendor, the popularity of electric toothbrushes is mainly due to its better benefits of preventing and improving dental diseases. It is difficult for traditional ordinary sonic toothbrush vendor to meet the standard of daily oral cleaning. Benefit 1: better cleaning power, cleaner electric toothbrush bulk, tens of thousands of times of vibration frequency on teeth per minute, not everyone thinks it is inferior to manual brushing, a large number of experiments prove that electric toothbrush is indeed cleaner than manual brushing, especially the teeth crevices, gum line and so on more accurate cleaning. Benefit two: long-term use can remove stubborn dental plaque, effectively improve dental diseases, in the face of our people's teeth quality is generally not high, tooth decay rate, periodontitis, tooth sensitivity and other problems plaguing most users, electric toothbrush can effectively remove the key factor of dental diseases - plaque,electric toothbrush bulk is indeed an effective tool to improve dental diseases. Advantage 3: Precise control, stable and even cleaning force, the strength of the electric toothb rush is controllable and even, which is also a big advantage found in the past, we usually use manual brushing, in fact, the strength is very casual, easy to reach the tooth parts of the electric toothbrush bulk, once it touches the crown, the molar area is not strong, often not clean, but the electric toothbrush will not have this problem. Of course,sonic toothbrush bulk has many advantages, such as many young people like to save time, labor and convenience. In addition to time control, it can automatically stop in 2 minutes, change zone alerts in 30 seconds, and other features, which is like mindless sonic toothbrush bulk brushing your teeth for lazy waking up.


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