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What's the biggest difference between an electric toothbrush and a regular toothbrush?

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What's the biggest difference between an electric toothbrush and a regular toothbrush?The money is not the same.Buying an electric toothbrush is more than 10 times more expensive than buying a regular toothbrush, but you think you're getting an electric toothbrush?No, you're buying a service, a robot to brush your teeth.It is a merciless brushing machine, it is skilled, good technology, fast, gentle and considerate, can go into every corner, bring you a new experience.The biggest advantage is the province!Save time, effort and worry.The average life expectancy is now 77, with a discount of 70.From the age of two and a half, I began to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. At the age of five, I began to brush my teeth independently with an electric toothbrush. Two times a day, one time is not less than 3 minutes.Using electric toothbrush, even never use electric toothbrush is not pap method of brushing your teeth, brush brush your teeth are just 2 minutes at a time can achieve the same cleaning effect, only half the time required, and can insist on every day by the pap brush method, must have perseverance, especially people with such perseverance, take the time to do something else,I am afraid I have already realized the wealth and freedom.So, it's worth spending $200 or $300 a year on special dental services, twice a day, 40 cents a time!Take off ~

Electric toothbrush in addition to money to buy time, more important is to buy a good mood, brush teeth no longer effort and trouble, not afraid of the brush is not clean."There is scientific evidence that people who brush with an electric toothbrush have a 21 percent reduction in plaque and an 11 percent reduction in gingivitis compared to those who brush with a manual toothbrush. The reason is simple. Electric toothbrushes typically vibrate more than 30,000 times per minute.The biggest advantage of an electric toothbrush over a manual one is the cleanliness of the brush.Secondly, now electric toothbrushes are human, not regularly remind function electric toothbrushes are embarrassed to take out and sold it, 2 minutes time, remind is now almost every 30 s in area with an electric toothbrush, it can better help you form a good habit of brushing your teeth, at the same time can help you clean every corner of the mouth, you only need to put it in there,Then wait for the electric toothbrush to move by itself.Of course, brainless is not advisable!Electric toothbrush also has its own inevitable disadvantages, in addition to the price, to charge, to choose the right electric toothbrush, these are the problems that electric toothbrush has to face.And electric toothbrush brands are varied, which makes it more difficult to choose. First, let's talk about the price.Electric toothbrush is a novelty, but in fact, the core technology is not complicated, the core components of the child and raider buggies do not have what distinction, is a motor, although there are different on technology, but the cost is not high, so in fact, a good electric toothbrush actually not will you go, you can buy a 200-400 performance is excellent electric toothbrush.For example, the hot electric toothbrush from a good domestic brand.

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