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What's the difference between a few dollar electric toothbrush and a couple hundred dollar electric toothbrush ?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-01      Origin: Site

Sure, there's a difference between an electric toothbrush that costs a few bucks and one that costs hundreds, but what's the difference? To find out, I bought 12 of these cheap electric toothbrushes!!

As shown, there are not only a few dollars inside, but also more than ten dollars!! Although I knew I was going to get a bunch of...... before I bought it back Useless stuff. But I still resolutely bought back!! In fact, this very cheap electric toothbrush is not very easy to find.

Put these 12 toothbrushes together and the family will be in order. They are about the same size and have similar body designs. Almost all are in the same mode (only on and off).

The body is plastic and smooth. The electric toothbrush is very light and doesn't weigh much in the hand. The hand feel is also very plastic, like a toy in the hand, and 100 yuan electric toothbrush  feel completely compared to.The brush head is about the same size, slightly smaller than the normal manual brush head. Although the material of the brush head is mostly plastic (there are few plastic bags), but the material of the electric toothbrush  head of a few dollars is obviously worse, not afraid of not recognizing goods, afraid of goods than goods. The main analysis of brush hair rate and roundness rate. 100 yuan electric toothbrush  is basically Dupont bristles, moderate hardness, good toughness. This electric toothbrush , which costs a few bucks, also uses DuPont bristles on the product details page, but they're still different.

As you can see from the picture above, there's a huge difference in the rate of hair planting. The basic hundred yuan electric toothbrush is high density hair, hair density is very high, and this several yuan electric toothbrush brush head are not a few hairs, the cleaning effect of the two is not comparable. It doesn't look as good as a manual toothbrush, which has about the same amount of bristles as a disposable toothbrush. So much for the hair planting rate, and then compare the roundness rate. You need to use a microscope to see it. Although I bought 12 different electric toothbrushes in different stores, several of the brush heads are exactly the same, with soft bristles, as shown in the picture. The bristles are very fine, so you can't talk about roundness. But this brush head is also very common, even less than a manual toothbrush. It is obvious that the bristles of this inferior electric toothbrush are not treated at all after being cut. The bristles are angular, like a saw. Long-term use of such bristles can damage tooth enamel and cause dental problems. Not only does the purpose of cleaning teeth fail to achieve, but it can also damage teeth. It can be said that such an electric toothbrush does nothing but harm. Compare the bristles of some of the better 100 electric toothbrushes, and you'll see why you should buy a 100 or more electric toothbrush.

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